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In the Areas of Focus category there will be 1-3 prompts per week, please choose one to answer. Feel free to answer all of them if you wish.


In the Reflections category once a week please write a reflection/ personal insight based on the experience you are having with this Mentorship Program.


In the Questions category please post questions relating to Mentorship and/or your experience or teachings related to this program. Your questions will be answered throughout the program. This section is optional.

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Do you understand that master papers writing is the act of taking information and expressing it in a different format without changing the original meaning. It is part of academic writing that professors consider the best way to ensure that their students get excellent marks. The process of making quality editorials is a tedious procedure, and one must stay on top to deliver a flawless document.

If I Tracking Report Addresses, How Do You Ensure That Your Reports are Perfect?

Never submit a report that is not free of errors. Remember, the guidelines on submitting reports are always updated. Including vague sentences can reduce the grade a student gets. There are various measures that one should take when working on a 100-word article. These include:

Titles Page

The opening of the piece gives the reader an idea of what to expect. After all, the first impression helps to hook the readers. A catchy title is a turn off to the reader, and they won’t look at another task. The author needs to make sure that the person going through the whole write-up understands the intended message. One should start with a concise and descriptive thesis statement.

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This section provides the team the context of help with college paper writing. The writer also introduces the concept in a straightforward manner. For instance, the introduction states the goal of the assignment. Next, the writer explains the broader implications of the topic. The conclusion is a call to action, which the reader will feel after perusing the rest of the essay.


It is the central parts of the text. Most documents have three main body paragraphs. Each of these sections has a sole purpose of answering the prompt. The approach is often used to justify the thesis statementin the introduction. The viewpoints explained here need to be backed up with evidence from the research conducted. The claims mentioned must be supported with counterarguments. The techniques applied during the investigation must be credible and fix the issue in a legible and easy to follow style.


In this paragraph, thewriter remembers the points from the previous subsection. They are given with the order of presenting the facts. Failure to achieve this will result in the nullification of the paper. The decision about whether to pass or fail depends on the writers’ opinions. The outcome of the judgment is molded by the writer's thinking.




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Everyone knows that Stan Wright is the man! You’ll find no better expert across the subject matters Stan specializes in. Helping students succeed in college since 2015, Mr. Wright is someone you can trust with writing your essay 110%. “What a fantastic writer and an affable lad!” - says one of Stan’s customers, pretty much summing up his whole professional attitude and a positive, yes-can-do demeanor.

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