There’s no greater time than this moment on our planet to provide a healing and transformational platform for the people in order to bring back balance and restore harmony, truth, and connection to Source. We are very confident that you will feel deeply inspired by this compelling platform and trust that you will be able to join us in creating a New Earth where we can all live together in peace, acceptance, and proper relationship within and with All Our Relations and Mother Earth.

Nina Palmieri

Founder of ANEM

Nina Palmieri, M.Ed., B.S., is a master educator, Nagual woman, and wisdom keeper who shares her gift of divine perception to bring clarity and guide one home to their authentic self so that we take personal responsibility for our lives. As a clear channel of the Divine Mother, her ever-growing community considers her a light-bearing guide and mentor. 

Nina is the Founder of A New Earth Movement and has been given insight and divine understanding on how to create a model for transformation, personal freedom, and happiness. 

Through a grounded, heartfelt, and powerful approach, Nina is a clear and impeccable channel of divine truth and wisdom. She has studied extensively in Mystery Schools with don Miguel Ruiz, doña Barbara Emrys, and other respected Elders and Wisdom Keepers. She is an initiated Nagual woman who combines indigenous wisdom with a Toltec approach for life-altering classes and programs. She leads rituals, ceremonies, and healing retreats including power trips to various destinations in the US and around the world.

Tudor Marinescu

Co-Founder of ANEM

Tudor C. Marinescu, MD, PhD, and co-founder of ANEM, is a holistic physician. He has created a multidisciplinary integral healing system that empowers, educates and assists people in achieving and maintaining vibrant mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Exposure and long-time training in various indigenous traditions helped Dr. Marinescu discover the meaning of the physician-priest (physician-healer) archetype, which he strives to embody in his life and work today.

Rachel Nez

Crew Member of ANEM

Rachel Nez is a skilled shamanic practitioner and has spent time amongst indigenous cultures for the past two decades and following the mission and the call of A New Earth Moment since its inception. Rachel is a co-facilitator for ANEM private healing retreats and provides individual healing sessions in person or remotely to support deep healing and assist people in their healing and reconnection with Creator. She studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and received training in soul retrieval from Sandra Ingerman. Rachel serves as a senior member of our core team.

Sari Fleischer

Crew Member of ANEM

Sari Fleischer has been a dedicated student of Nina Palmieri since 2013 and has been a core crew member with A New Earth Movement since its inception. She is particularly dedicated to the Legacy of Peace, the Legacy of Love, and the Legacy of Awareness and is a graduate of ANEM’s Advanced Mentorship Program. Sari strives to embody the 12 Principles of ANEM which have been instrumental in her own transformation, and she is passionate about supporting others embarking on a similar path.

Sari has been a registered nurse for nearly thirty years and is now a practicing family nurse practitioner. She spent many years in hospice and palliative care and trained extensively in shamanic end-of-life care with Linda Fitch formerly of The Four Winds Society and Roshi Joan Halifax of Upaya. Sari’s commitment to selfless services extends to her professional life as well, leading her to volunteer providing medical relief throughout the US and in third-world countries. Over the course of her many years caring for people of all ages in various capacities, she has found her personal, professional, and spiritual lives overlapping as she integrates the principles and teachings from ANEM into her daily practice, allowing her to share the richness of what she has gained with all she encounters. Sari is fully committed to a path of awareness and to bringing light, love, and intention to everything she does.

Monika Szrek

Crew Member of ANEM

Monika Szrek has been involved with ANEM since its inception. Over the years, she has grown more involved as a dedicated student to the Legacy of Awareness, as well as supporting the unfoldment of ANEM’s other legacies, especially the Legacy of Intent and Legacy of Peace. Aside from her passionate work with ANEM, Monika is a practicing herbalist and life coach. She started and runs her own healing foods business, Living Wisdom LLC, with the help of her partner in life and love, Ian Lee Via. She runs Living Wisdom with the intention of supporting each individual’s reconnection to their optimal wellbeing and restoration of their truest nature – mind, body & spirit.  In all that she does, Monika works in devotion to creating a better world, one built in integrity, truth, love, and kindness.

Anthony Asher

Crew Member of ANEM

Anthony Asher has been a committed member of A New Earth Movement since it began in 2015 and has known and worked with Nina since 2013.  He is in service to the movement as a musician and is a carrier of sacred songs. Through continued dedication to his music and personal growth, Anthony has blossomed into an incredible songwriter whose music is deeply cherished within the A New Earth Movement community and beyond. His album Morning light, available on Bandcamp, is a beautiful testament to the continued path he’s walked in service to spirit!

Ian Lee Via

Crew Member of ANEM

Ian Lee Via was brought into the spiritual path by the sacred science of Yoga. Through this practice, he knew there was more to life than what everyone seemed to be doing and a deep longing and search for the pearls of existence began. From that point on he had a fire for life and has striven to find and exemplify the highest principles of life. Ian has found a home at A New Earth Movement and looks forward to a long and happy life establishing the Mother’s kingdom here on our beloved mother Earth. Ian is a spiritual fanatic and goes to joyful and passionate extremes to be all that he can for the Creator and Goddess of all things. He is a forever student of the spiritual mysteries of life and the medicine lying dormant in this world. Like so many, Ian grew up in a world devoid of spirituality and full of suffering and frustration. With A New Earth Movement, he is filled with purpose and a mission to help others come out of the game of suffering, and into the world of love.

Alex Benfarhat

Community Member of ANEM

Alex Benfarhat is in love with the ever-unfolding journey of self-realization. As a lifelong student of yoga and meditation, his path began to deepen while traveling in the Himalayas studying under various teachers. It was there that he found the discipline and commitment to a higher vision for his life that would later on give him the drive to pursue his path with ANEM.

As a student of A New Earth Movement for the past 5 years, he has received step-by-step guidance to take his whole life to the next level. Not only did ANEM help him to elevate and uplift himself, but it also gave him the understanding of how to create the solid foundation that he needed to feel a lasting sense of well-being. From family to purpose to service, he received a truly integrated knowledge of how to live in right relationship. It was uniquely through his engagement with the movement that he began to understand how to live not only for his own happiness and well-being but for the happiness and well-being of the whole. These teachings resonate deep in his bones and fundamentally alter the way he perceives the world and self, from separate and longing, to unified and fulfilled.

Victoria Jackson

Crew Member of ANEM

Victoria Jackson has been a working community member of A New Earth Movement and apprentice of Nina Palmieri for the past 6 years. Her work through community has helped her cultivate a sense of autonomy, self-awareness, and self-responsibility that continues to guide her toward deeper liberation, fortifying her faith and trust in life. As a student of these teachings, Victoria has watched herself grow exponentially, giving her the courage and confidence to help others along their journey. A Mother of three, she is continually discovering the different ways that the wisdom teachings apply to Motherhood. Through her devotional journey with the Divine Mother through rituals and the Legacy of Peace, she has learned the true meaning of unconditional love.

Victoria has spent her life studying art but, more recently, has unveiled a rich passion for healing arts and herbalism, in which she finds herself fully submerged. As an herbal witch, Victoria is rooted in a deep love for Earth-based practices and rituals that help her connect to the Divine. Alongside her involvement with ANEM and her love of plant magic, Victoria studies, and practices tattooing under her teacher and dear friend Amber Fae Wild, Master Tattoo Artist and Owner of Earthbound Ink in New Hartford Ct.

Nalah Christine Elise

Community Member of ANEM

Nalah Christine Elise has been on a devoted path with A New Earth Movement since 2018. During her very first ceremony with Nina, she knew she had found her teacher and felt a deep call to the mission of ANEM. She has been on a committed path ever since, deepening her studies through all of the offerings of ANEM. The Movement as a whole fulfills her deepest desires & she feels very fortunate to be on this path, for it stokes the fire within her heart.

She has experienced her life thus far living in a variety of places around California & has recently decided to take the leap of faith & next level of commitment by moving to Arizona, where she can be closer to the community she loves, as well as step into the greater vision of her purpose & service in this lifetime.

Nalah is a licensed Esthetician & facilitates Self-Love Rituals for people to integrate, heal & rejuvenate in a loving container. Her journey with ANEM has really guided & transformed her treatments into what they are now. She also carries Ceremonial Cacao from Ecuador, with the intention of assisting people in healing & opening their hearts.

Dawn Red Sun

Community Member of ANEM

Dawn Red Sun Dawn Red Sun has been involved with ANEM for almost 4 years, but she truly doesn’t feel this number reflects the depth of the Soul connection she has been feeling towards Nina & Tudor, the community, and the teachings. Dawn has attended numerous ANEM’s classes & retreats including the Power Journey to Teotihuacan and is a graduate of ANEM’s Advanced Mentorship Program.

Not soon after stepping into ANEM’s portal of wisdom, Dawn has been assisting behind the scenes during many of ANEM’s retreats, as well as sharing her musical gift through sacred song. Apart from being involved in ANEM’s mission, Dawn works as a Sound healer, Sacred sexuality & Self-Love Coach. Dawn #1  Hearts Joy is to praise God through song and to create medicinal music that strengthens & raises the Light grids of the world, carrying the Angels frequency into the Hearts of Humanity.  You can listen to her music on Spotify.