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Gateway Mists, Essences & Floral Waters

ANEM Gateway Essences

A New Earth Movement’s Gateway Essences are created as a means to gain access and synchronize with the natural transformative terrestrial cycles, as well as the celestial frequencies, and are alchemized to enhance the cycles of connection and transformation within oneself, so that one can align with and embody their own highest potential.

Each Gateway Essence is made at the height of a particular point on the earth cycles or at auspiciously aligned times, where we encapsulate the frequency and signature of a sacred moment to enhance the intent that we desire to express through the essence; for as above, so below. A specific plant or mineral is chosen from nature, representing a vibrational match or ally to reinforce a transformative teaching, healing and activation. Each nature object is consecrated with a specific intent and prayerfully placed in sacred and pure water where it is infused with continued specific intentional prayers. We then place the essences in the Sun and under the night sky with continued prayer, until they are ready to be mixed and preserved with the final ingredient, brandy. This alchemical process of natural magic is intended to awaken your innate wisdom, purify and restore your original essence and fortify your true self.

These high frequency liquid nectar essences are carrying a divine imprint and permeate deep in our cellular structure, thereby imprinting a holy signature and opening sacred portals for unlocking blockages, overall healing, energetic upgrades and divine connection.

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