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23. Custom Mettasyn Piece by Tina Cseuz

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I create & sew personalized sacred objects of power… the power of Love to reflect & amplify the Love that you are!

The beauty of a custom mettasyn object is that not only is it functional, but it can also serve as a physical reminder, like a totem or talisman, to remind us of our sacred intentions & the Love that we Are. This co-creative process serves those that may feel blocked, as well as those that simply want to reinforce or amplify their being & gifts’ expression!

These Sacred Sewing Pieces reflect the truth of your wholeness ~ they honor & speak to the fact that you not only have a physical body, but also an emotional, mental & spiritual body. This may include examples like color therapy, symbology, sacred objects or textiles & more to speak to the emotions, body, subconscious, psyche & soul. Each sacred object also speaks to your individuality as a unique being; Therefore, it is highly personalized to your specific needs, requests, truth & desires…

Custom Mettasyn object includes:
-1 Initial Exploratory Consultation of up to 2 hours in-person, phone call or zoom (Can include spiritual holistic mentoring session if applicable to one’s specific scenario)
-A Personalized Affirmative Intention Statement
-Short Clarifying Communications as needed via text or email
-Time Sourcing materials (may include your time if you need to mail me any materials/objects/textiles of importance & meaning)
-Time Creating the piece (sewing hrs vary upon complexity of piece & other factors)
-My personal surprise mojo secret sauce super charging this piece throughout the whole creation process~may include sound, smell, ritual, intention, special surprises & Love💓
-1 finalized Custom Mettasyn piece
-Free shipping from me to you
-Reflective Follow up Resonance Call to see if piece needs any adjustments &/or it is to your liking!

Past examples include (as pictured in the gallery photos):
~• personalized yoga bag with 3 adjustable strap variations for yoga teacher using recycled materials
~• customized up-cycled medicine drum bag with ceremonial textiles, secret charging crystal pocket & music book pouch for medicinal sound healer
~• One of a kind t-shirt with flag of the Indigenous People of Australia for activist worn protesting pipeline at Black Rock

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My name is Tina Cseuz and I have been walking my life path with Nina & A New Earth Movement since 2017. I recently graduated from ANEM’s Advanced Mentorship Program & am passionate about honoring & weaving these sacred teachings into all my offerings. In spirit, I’ve created True Nature Threads~ TNT is a holistic design business with the intention to align, embody, nourish & express our true nature. It strives to honor the values of love, truth, compassion, authentic expression & sustainability by using an eco-friendly process, as well as compassion for people & animals, sourcing plant-based, recycled or found object, textiles & materials. I have walked the vegan path for over 20 years and am open to dialogue if one has any query over the use of a material or item- each creation may vary from this norm pending its unique situation.

Please contact me for any questions & clarification at:

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