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07. Custom Made Feather Fan by Ian Via

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This sacred fan is made in communion with the bird it comes from, and the prayer that is calling it forth. This is a ceremonial companion, a sacred being to commune with and receive its many blessings. Each bird has a spirit and it is carried in its feathers. Birds have long been seen as guardians and keepers of the harmony of life. This style of fan is for personal use, as a talisman, a shield, or a magic staff. You will find its many benefits. It is a living being to be cared for and loved, with great respect. This is not a fan designed to do healings on others, or for smudging. This is a magic companion that can guide you through spiritual journeys. It can teach you songs, help you to see aspects of yourself that were once hidden, and give you courage and peace to progress on your journey inward to a deep communion with the Creator.
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Ian was guided by an Arapaho man on how to work with the birds to bring these beings into the next phase of their existence. He has been making these fans for many years. This product comes with a phone conversation to find what can best encapsulate the prayer that is being asked for, and instructions on how to best care for, and commune with the fan that will come to be.

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