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13. Stretching, Balance & Expressive Articulation with Cassandra Owen

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A series of four classes focused on stretching the muscles and connective tissues, balancing in various postures, and exploring tension, release, and expression through dance and movement exercises. For example, in dancing and articulating through the elbows, wrists, and hands, we will work on both our flexibility AND mobility. There will be attention to how the bones are stacked and hung, the efficiency of balance and strength, and the expansion that occurs with gentle and conscious stretching.

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Suggested schedule: An initial call to discuss goals, physical ranges, and logistics. Then, one 55-minute class approximately per week over video call for four weeks.

Disclaimer: This offering is not physical therapy. It is a private class (for you, or for you + your household or one other family member or friend who may call in separately) regarding the above topics. Because of the small class size, it is highly customizable, guided by intuition and your needs and goals. Stretching is a portal, and there is room for vulnerability and focused conversation.

Cassandra has training in classical ballet, African dance aesthetics, and modern dance. She holds a minor in Dance Performance and Choreography from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. She has also been through A New Earth Movement’s Mentorship Program.

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