March 3rd – April 12th (Easter Sunday)


Join us this spring on a mythical journey into the Desert of Thyself through a 40 day Toltec inspired sanctification program. This intensive program is for those who are wanting a disciplined daily practice that mirrors the treacherous yet very auspicious journey of self-transformation and ascension. Sacred teachings will guide you to go deep into the exploration and application of the process of Purification.
During these 40 days, one will engage in the purification of the four aspects (bodies) that comprise the Self…
Physical   –    Mental    –    Emotional    –    Spiritual
…with the goal of transmuting the denser frequencies and resurrecting into our Higher Self.
The tele-class will be led by Nina in an intimate group setting that will also include a 30 minute private session to address your individual goals and/or obstacles that prevent you from living your highest truth.
** In addition, you will be enveloped in prayer and intent in an
energetic sphere held by Nina throughout these 40 days.

“This program is for those who are really desiring a deep immersion to be enraptured in the depth of the teachings, held in a container while walking through the desert to face yourself, utilizing the purification of the four bodies and the Toltec tradition to catapult self transformation.​”


Intro 60 minute class on Tuesday, March 3rd; 6-7 PM PST covering the basis of the teachings and opening towards our desert entry. Includes meditation to identify and set our personal goals for the 40 day program along with an interactive Q&A discussion.

6 one hour classes in the ‘Spring Cleansing: Purification of the 4 Bodies’ series on consecutive Wednesdays; 6-7 PM PST

30 minute class each Wednesday following the ‘Purification of the 4 Bodies series’ |  7-7:30 PM PST (exclusively for the participants in the 40 day program.

30 minute private individual session with Nina

60 minute special Spring Equinox class on March 19th; 6-7 PM PST

Closing class Easter Sunday; time TBA


(full attendance required)

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