Integration Class

This tele-class offers tools and practices that will assist one in integrating healthy perspectives and awarenesses into everyday living.

Mentorship program/training

This program is for individuals interested in learning how to acquire the necessary awareness, understanding, knowledge and tools in order to mentor other people’s transformational processes safely and efficiently.

Power journeys

An intensive training filled with in depth teachings, focused intent, prayer, meditation and ritual.

Private Medicine Retreats

A comprehensive therapeutic retreat dedicated to an individual or small group of individuals with specific healing needs.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a deep process that helps guide one inward to the origin of the greater authentic self.

About Nina

Nina Palmieri has spent the last 20 years educating and empowering individuals and groups to gain self awareness and transformational
tools in order to help them to achieve personal freedom.

Nina apprenticed with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and Dona Barbara Emry’s for many years. She was a student and assistant in the Toltec Dreaming Mystery School for a decade and studied among the land of Teotihuacan, Mexico for many years. During this time, she was initiated as a Nagual Woman of the Eagle Knight Lineage of the Ancient Toltec Wisdom. Since then, she has led transformational Power Journey’s, is a Spiritual Counselor and teacher. Answering to her calling in the realm of plant medicines, Nina worked with Herbal Vitality for over a decade in a laboratory setting as well wildcrafting in nature where she developed a natural gift of perception into the souls of plants. Along the path, she was called to delve deeper into the South American Indigenous healing traditions, where she was initiated in the mastery of working with plant spirit medicines. Her life path led her to assist in coordinating and leading large ceremonies for the people where she eventually became an Elder and the Madrinha of Pachamama Church and since went on to develop a Church of A New Earth.

Testimonies for Nina’s work

Nina worked as a Spiritual Counselor under my supervision for a couple years at our Holistic Rehab.  I was privy to her notes on her work with our patients.  As an RN and psychotherapist for over 30 years, I was astounded by her keen perceptions and her ability to get immediately to the core issue for her clients.  Her humility and soft spoken approach belied the power in her work.  When people graduated from our program, many attested to their work with her being the most powerful catalyst for change.  I know Nina as a friend and also as a Medicine Woman, her ability to bring love to any situation and to keep her vertical alignment with Spirit is stellar.  She is much beloved.

Chezspri FischerRN, Clinical Director ATMC

In the time I have been acquainted with Nina Palmieri many beautiful yet sometimes challenging transformations have taken place in my life. Her deep intuitive wisdom and personal integration of the Toltec knowledge system and Santo Daime tradition are powerful teachings to all who come in contact with her, inside and outside of a ceremonial setting. I have watched countless people transform and align through the truth of the teachings she carries and purity of her presence. What continues to amaze me about Nina is her ability to receive spiritual guidance and to implement and manifest this guidance, and to follow through with integrity and impeccability in every facet of her life. Her commitment to following and sharing the Truth and her ability to maintain presence, peace and prosperity ignite a magnetism that draws people around her to want to be in her presence and  help to serve her vision alongside her. Her professionalism and ability to actualize this spirituality in the physical world shows the true alignment that she possesses and the Divination and blessings from the Spiritual Realms that support her in bringing her incredibly valuable work to the World.

Amanda GroverNatural Health Consultant

I see Nina Palmieri and New Earth Movement as truly transformational catalysts for the emergence of a new consciousness and deep healing on the planet. Nina has been a powerful guide and shaman for many decades and learned ceaselessly in order to offer her wisdom. Her sense of integrity and purity is inspiring all that she touches, and her work is spirit guided and truly impactful. Nina focuses in her work on revealing each person’s true power and potential, uncovering their own souls calling into authentic leadership and manifesting thus a lasting impact on the planet in terms of global healing and expansion. She contributes with her work to the balance and harmony of all beings in regard to Mother Earth and promotes creative abundance and bio-diversity while living in complete harmony with one another and with the planet. Her work is in alignment with the great transformational movement that humanity is experiencing at this point in time and can have a tremendous impact on the economic structure as well as every sector of society, where transformation is needed. One of Nina’s greatest gifts is her authentic devotion to transformation and healing, her authentic connection to others and her depth of knowledge of ancient teachings that she can promote and convey through embodying the wisdom and purity of these traditions. Nina continues to impact my life and the lives of many beings positively and wisely through her teachings and offerings as she progresses in the enfoldment of this Movement.

Priya Beate Laasch

Upon meeting Nina and working with her over the past year I can honestly say my life has transformed in ways that I could have not even envisioned.  Nina holds the key to unlock the magical gifts that each person uniquely shares.  Her knowledge and passion of many sacred and ancient teachings is apparent upon first meeting.  Nina shares a contagious enthusiasm for personal growth, spiritual evolvement, and ultimately a thirst to help create a better world for all to live.  She shares a sacred relationship to the earth mother in which she carries her teachings to share with all those who are able to hear and listen. Personally, I grew up in a secular Jewish family where the notion of God, spirit, etc..was introduced at a very early age.  Although in my religious upbringing the discussion or focus on God was rarely discussed, often avoided, and would end up leaving me more confused.  This lack of any real understanding about God or anything spiritual left me with many unanswered questions about life and its purpose.  These questions would circulate my mind constantly, leaving me feeling unsure about myself, and would unknowingly mask themselves as anxiety, depression, addiction, and other self-sabotaging behaviors.  Unaware at the time, I later came to understand that my lack of connection to a greater universe was one of my main underlying culprits to my unhealthy behaviors. To say my life has been changed by working with Nina would be a huge understatement.  The lessons I have learned about myself and life overall would have probably taken me years and years of therapy to have uncovered. Through my work with Nina I have been able grow strong roots in my self, re-discover my purpose in life and also gain a strong foundation and connection to something bigger.  Nina has been a beautiful “mid-wife” if you will, in helping assist me in the birth a newer, more peaceful and purposeful version of myself.   I am so passionate about her work because I whole-heartedly believe that the work she is doing is the work that needs to be done for all who walk on this earth.  I feel that my struggles and lack of spiritual connection and/or purpose is something that many people today are struggling to find. In a society that is obsessed with superficial markers as a definition of success, we are bombarded with messages that take us away from our inner truth.  By breaking away from the detachment to external means of validation and happiness, the inner most state of peace and happiness is achieved.  It is through my work with Nina and other spiritual elders that I have learned and really embodied the lesson that transformation lies from within.

Sarah Lemmerman

In the last two years I have made more progress in my life with ease than I did struggling for ten years with programs, religion, and institution. Nina Palmieri greeted me with the open arms of a Mother from the first moment I met her. She let me know that I was welcomed. It is hard to even type this portion of my testimony because my hands tremble thinking about the genuine love I feel from her and for her. She became my family instantly with no judgment or application process. I have had the opportunity to travel to places I never imagined and reconnect with the work of my ancestors. When I am sick she is there for me. When I reach a stumbling block she encourages me. When I am getting a little ahead of myself she gently reminds me. Her words bring me back into focus. I don’t see her every day or even every week, sometimes I don’t see her for months, but her work is always happening in me.

I know who I am now. My children will know who they are and so on. My family line will no longer be devastated by this atrocity of poverty and mental illness. I have eradicated it through the work that we do in A New Earth Movement. Instead of taking from my community through the need for welfare, hospitalization, and consistent help from the people I know I am now a servant to my community and a provider of support to the people around me. The moment I felt like I wasn’t sick anymore, I wanted nothing more than to help my brothers and sisters, and that is what I do.

Everything that I stated here is truth and if I were to write down every detail of my experience with Nina and this medicine I imagine it would be a very good, and large, book. Blessings to my Madrihna Nina Palmieri and Viva La New Earth Movement!!!

Shaun Sweeney

Nina Palmieri has always had a calling to teach students about balance, and well being. Her career as an educator began as a phenomenal physical education and health teacher in Sedona, Arizona. Her students knew they were with someone who was beyond typical as she taught life lessons and helped them to realize their emotional well being was tied to self care and community building. Nina spent time receiving her Masters in the health field and then moving beyond the classroom where she integrated her love of teaching with the tenets of her “training” in the Four Agreements. Nina has journeyed through this world as a healer who lives simply by the act of listening well, focusing on the needs of the individual or group and allowing for people to better understand themselves and others. Her work has touched so many that she realized getting her messages about building on people’s character strengths needs to start young in a deliberate way within schools, Nina knows that self care means building a peaceful classroom through learning right and wrong and finding what each individual needs to in order to bring kindness caring and fortitude to the daily life of school. Nina embodies honesty, fairness and listening in her daily living and has important lessons to share.

It is an honor and joy to be writing about the beloved Nina Palmieri, a woman who has impacted my life immeasurably. The years of commitment to her path, the path of God, has inspired my life profoundly and I am deeply grateful and humbled to walk the path of both friendship and student with her. I have recently had the privilege to sit in ceremony with her here in Sedona Arizona, and even as I knew in my heart before the ceremony began that it was going to be a very special night, she exceeded every expectation. Her power, strength and integrity combined with softness and approachability created in me a place of safety and trust, and allowed me to bravely move through what can normally be very vulnerable territory. She has this ability, like no one I have ever personally met, to move any form of ego out of the way and become a clear channel for all that is love and the embodiment of the divine feminine. In fact, it was Nina who awakened in me the remembrance of just what the divine feminine truly is. She is a gift, she is a light and when Nina is a part of something…I wholeheartedly say yes!  

Marie TylerIntegrative Nutritional Health Coach

I have been working with Nina for nearly four years.  It has been a deeply transformative time for me.  From the very beginning Nina brought an open, accepting attitude that is delivered in unconditional love.  This immediately set me at ease and helped me be open to embarking on what turned out to be a life changing journey.  Her uncanny way of illuminating the darker side with such love allows for very deep and potentially painful work to be done in a gentle and loving way.  Having participated in many, many years of therapy and treatment programs I was doubtful that working with Nina could be all that different but I was more than a little mistaken.  The rich Toltec teachings that she offers have allowed my perception to shift and has resulted in me having more ability to take responsibility for my reality, and better yet to embrace my own potential for shifting that reality.  It continues to amaze me how rapidly Nina can assist me in shifting my perspective and highlight old conditioned patterns that continue to deliver suffering.  In a relatively short time I have been able to shed some dark demons that have haunted and caused me pain for so many years and Nina has helped guide the light of illumination.  I have been able to successfully let go of old and dangerous coping skills and replace them with loving ways of nurturing myself.  

Nina exemplifies integrity and most importantly practices the ways she teaches.  All of these qualities have made Nina the mentor that I so desperately longed for and it is without hesitation that I can say my work with her these past few years has undoubtedly saved my life, both literally and figuratively. The most critical qualities I appreciate in Nina are her insight, patience and unconditional love that she brings to every single interaction.  I have learned how to better be accountable for my actions and situation, how to be a kinder and more loving person to others and more importantly myself and to continually create what I want my life to look like.   As a result of working with Nina I have been able to achieve better health, more loving and harmonious relationships and begin a career path that is in line with my passions.  For the first time, and after decades of trying, I have finally achieved solid recovery that is the crucial foundation for creating the live I truly desire.

Sari FleischerRN, BSN, CHPN, Director of Clinical Operations and Staff Development for nationwide Hospice

I am so honored to have the opportunity to speak a few words on behalf of my beloved teacher, mentor, and Godmother, Nina Palmieri.  I met Nina five years ago as a young, innocent 16 year old, and Nina took me under her wing, sharing with me, loving me, and supporting me. I was instantly drawn to Nina’s way of being, before I even really knew why. It wasn’t until about two years ago when I formally entered into apprenticeship with her, that I began to see why it was I was so drawn to her in the first place.

Nina’s life is a prayer. How she walks, how she talks, and how she acts, is all done with the utmost intention and reverence for Life, and she inspires all those around her to rise into this way of being. Her devotion to Spirit and to all of humanity is unique; Nina inspires all who are blessed by her presence to join her in this state of devotion and deep connection to source. She is a leader, a teacher, an ally, and a friend. Nina perceives life through an extraordinary lens. She carries the medicines of awareness, impeccability, compassionate love, and patience, and she shares this with the world in the most selfless way.

Nina Palmieri is a gift to the world. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her or invite her platform to their community is incredibly fortunate. I myself know that I have been deeply blessed by the Divine Mother who brought me Nina all those years ago, before I even knew what I was looking for.

Mariah Gannessa
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