The Legacy of Awareness serves as a portal for individuals to gain a conscious understanding of themselves, and learn how to access and transmute the conditioned behaviors and patterns that keep us in bondage to personal and collective suffering.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves

We master Awareness through consistent study and inner-work, which helps us to assume full responsibility and ownership for our lives.  We then have the power to make the necessary changes for a deep meaningful transformation in order to realign with natural and universal laws.

The Legacy of Awareness offers a curriculum both educational and experiential comprised of Wisdom Teachings drawn from various earth-based traditions as well as Spirit-guided. This path to self-awareness is meant for the sincere truth seeker who aspires to attain personal freedom and self-realization.

The Legacy of Awareness includes the following programs


Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a deep process that helps guide one inward to the origin of the greater authentic self and ultimately connection with the Divine.

Through Spiritual Counsel, we are ushered on a journey of self-discovery by witnessing the conditioned patterns of the mind, as well as the coping mechanisms we have developed in times of lack of awareness or trauma. As we illuminate the destructive patterns that create obstacles and opposition to wholeness, we enter into a journey of the subconscious, while being held in a safe and elevated perspective container to discover the origin of the most current illusion/pattern that is creating suffering. From the soul level, we retrieve the shadow aspect of self that has been left behind, we work with self-love and forgiveness, and transformational tools are offered to assist in shifting perceptions, alleviate unhealthy patterns, and replace them with healthy ones. In completion, a specific practice is formulated from the session to bridge awareness and transformational healing into everyday life.

Counseling is offered for individuals, couples or for family counsel via Zoom.


Wisdom Teachings Tele-Classes

The Legacy of Awareness Wisdom Teaching Tele-classes are supportive tools and teachings to master self awareness and achieve personal transformation.

We provide different themed series throughout the course of the year filled with sacred transmissions and pertinent present-time messages led by Spirit and rooted in Toltec wisdom.

These series are live with an online group setting where we have the opportunity to ask questions and receive the support required to implement changes that we are earnestly desiring in our life. This is a great way to join in a community of like-minded people to raise our consciousness together and become liberated during these powerful times on our planet.

All classes are recorded; you can access these recordings and re-listen at your own convenience. Pre-recorded classes are offered at a discounted rate. There is also a private Facebook group for ANEM members to dialogue with fellow participants and receive the support of a network of awareness seekers who are deeply committed to self-growth and personal evolution.


Power Journeys

Power Journeys to sacred power spots around the world are intensive trainings filled with in depth teachings, focused intent, prayer, meditation and ritual. Sacred sites and places of power are purposely chosen to enhance, reinforce and consecrate the teachings and the messages that are being conveyed.

Power Journeys are only for those who are serious and committed about their personal transformation and liberation and are ready and willing to face oneself with honesty and integrity.

As we commit to walk and engage in this quest, a greater awareness, deeper happiness as well as a sustainable transformation is achieved. A Power Journey is one of the most impactful ways to gain self-awareness, transformation and liberation.


Restoration Program

An Initiation Into Self-Love is designed to address the various conditions and life-style choices that have hindered a healthy, balanced and vital way of living.

When we find ourselves out of alignment with the true expression of our soul due to issues around security, relationships, health, finances, self-esteem, major life transitions, over-exhaustion, and ongoing stress, the Restoration program offers an avenue to realign our body-mind-spirit with the natural rhythm of our true essence, with nature’s rhythm, and with the Divine.

You can register for a scheduled Restoration Program event or contact us to explore a private individual or small group session.


Mentorship Program / Training

The primary theme of this program is how to become your own coach in your personal development and healing process, while simultaneously develop the necessary insights to assist others wisely through their own growth and healing journey.

The Mentorship Program is for those individuals who have acquired the necessary awareness, understanding, knowledge and tools and have the desire to mentor other people’s transformational processes safely and efficiently.


Private Healing Retreat

A comprehensive therapeutic retreat for individuals or small groups designed to meet specific healing needs.

We will be immersed in an in-depth healing regime that requires commitment and active participation in order to achieve personal goals. A team of well-trained and experienced facilitators will serve as guides for the healing and educational journey necessary for a deep transformational experience.

Upon completion of the retreat, an assessment of your experience will be offered to create an integration plan that will facilitate continuity and sustainability of your transformation into your personal day-to-day life.

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