The Legacy of Authenticity is dedicated to foster and validate the genuineness, purity, self-esteem, innocence, joy and power of our children and youth. We strive to support the children to embrace their uniqueness, as well as each other’s, so they can stay authentic to their truest essence as they grow up.

Children are born knowing

Our mission is to guide and remind the children how to love, respect and honor themselves, each other, our planet and all Creation at large. This ensures that they become healthy and empowered leaders as they are our future generations.

We offer an educational curriculum as well as hands-on programs and tools to help the children learn at an early age how to use their minds responsibly and in coherence with their hearts and the inner voice of integrity.

A New Earth Movement stands for unity of all races, ethnicities and religions and reinforces this principle in all aspects of our programs. We facilitate the acceptance and empowerment of all individualized gifts that our children and youth carry that can equally contribute to a successful and harmonious world. Curriculums, Tools and Workshops are coming soon.

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