ANEM Mission Statement

A New Earth Movement (ANEM) is a divinely ordained mission that provides a broad platform for the healing, activation, and initiation of humanity into our original blueprint. The ultimate intent is to restore our connection with Creator/ Great Spirit and to achieve our highest appointed potential.

Our comprehensive curriculum provides the educational milestones and experiential knowledge necessary for an individual’s personal and communal healing and empowerment.  This process encompasses awareness teachings, the science and art of prayer and indigenous and earth based ceremonies and rituals.

Our purpose is to pass on legacies that promote and cultivate awareness, transformation, love and a collective intent for humanity to birth a new world into being for ourselves and future generations; where we can all live together in peace, acceptance and proper relationship within and with All Our Relations and Mother Earth. We aim to heal our illusion of separation from the Greater Source and reunite us into communion and conscious alliance with the Divine.

ANEM Founders

Nina Palmieri M.S, B.S

Nina Palmieri MS, BS, the founder and leader of A New Earth Movement, is an initiated Nagual Woman, ceremonial leader, teacher and mentor.  She has spent a lifetime in devotion to Spirit, walking this path with an earnest humility and deep wisdom.

She is known for bringing together teachings and messages of the Divine through aligning herself as an impeccable channel for the Divine Mother. Studying with Don Miguel Ruiz, Dona Barbara Emrys and other respected Elders and wisdom keepers, she combines indigenous wisdom with a Toltec approach for life-altering classes and programs created to rectify, heal, restore and reveal our innate Soul’s purpose.

Through this incredible life journey of transformation, Nina birthed the divinely inspired, A New Earth Movement, to help people grow in the awareness to eventually see that we are not separate from this truth, from love, from our Great Creator.

Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD

Tudor C. Marinescu, MD, PhD, and co-founder of ANEM, is a holistic physician. He has created a multidisciplinary integral healing system that empowers, educates and assists people in achieving and maintaining vibrant mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Exposure and long-time training in various indigenous traditions helped Dr. Marinescu discover the meaning of the physician-priest (physician-healer) archetype, which he strives to embody in his life and work today.

ANEM Associates

Rachel Nez

Rachel Nez is a skilled shamanic practitioner and has spent time amongst indigenous cultures for the past two decades and following the mission and the call of A New Earth Moment since its inception. Rachel is a co-facilitator for ANEM private healing retreats and provides individual healing sessions in person or remotely to support deep healing and assist people in their healing and reconnection with Creator. She studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic studies and received training in soul retrieval from Sandra Ingerman. Rachel serves as a senior member of our core team.

In her private sessions, Rachel provides soul retrievals and cleansing of heavy energies. As we go through life and encounter challenges or trauma, the soul can fragment as a protective mechanism leaving you feeling not yourself, empty, and ungrounded.  Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing modality that allows for the gentle reintegration of fragmented soul parts that can bring deep healing of old wounds.  During a private session Rachel will enter into a shamanic journey and receive visions and insights into the personal medicine an individual carries in their soul, what would be beneficial for the soul, and retrieve any soul parts that are present for reintegration.  A private session also includes a power animal retrieval which acts as a spiritual vitamin to infuse you with vitality.

In her in-person sessions, she will perform a limpia.  A limpia is a Mayan egg clearing technique used to remove dense energies, and she will perform a reading of the egg which provides information about blockages in the energy body. Rachel is also a certified clinical herbalist and often will receive guidance on herbal medicines that would support the individual’s healing as well. The session is followed by additional energy work for clearing and balancing.

Nancy Coleman

Nancy Coleman is a practitioner of ANEM. She co-facilitates in our Restoration and Mentorship Programs and serves as a senior mentor for our core team.

Nancy holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and is a certified life coach. She specializes in addiction recovery and assists and empowers clients in making health and life promoting changes. Nancy was the owner of ShapeShift Pilates Studio for 31 years and in that capacity worked with dismantling beliefs and emotional limitations that caused pain, suffering and lack of flow in the mind-body connection of her clients.

Nancy also mentors individuals in a private recovery program, a two-month curriculum where one takes a deep dive into undoing beliefs and survival patterns that worked to get you through stressful situations of life but no longer serve and presently may even  cause you to stay stuck in the trauma cycle.  When these patterns are released there is an experience of waking up out of a fog and feeling free and happy.


A force greater than ourselves is always included in my coaching; always.  ITS power is beyond a human power and together we take the journey of recognizing that we are not alone and healing happens in connection.  I believe in the power of the dismantling of a false reality where the noise and unnecessary suffering can stop; where making a single shift in perception and perspective changes everything in an instant; and a spiritual experience can occur.

Sometimes we think that there should be an easier way for all this to happen but I believe it requires a sincere effort, a desire so deep that you will do whatever it takes to get free.  I made this vow to God over and over and I became constantly faced with the challenge of doing the work to be true to my vow.

We all have the conditions of our lives that created our belief systems and resulting behaviors and emotional reactions.  What I found is that no person could do the work for me.  No therapist or bodyworker could help me release myself into freeing My mind.  I found that it was me and God together — with guidance from teachers — but my teachers could only guide me in the direction I needed to go but couldn’t do the actual work for me.


Human beings change in connection.  Our success requires a level of intimacy and trust to convert survival instinctual patterns into deep, vulnerable connection.

We will spend time exploring the areas of your life where you feel powerless and  have desire to change, knowing that if you did, you would be living your unlived life. Being yourself in the world is one of the greatest gifts we can offer and is a way to receive continual nourishment from experiencing your own authentic expression. 

Alix Claman

Alixandra Claman became a fully committed student of Nina Palmieri in 2013. Since the birth of A New Earth Movement in 2015, she has become a personal assistant to Nina and serves in the capacity as Director of Operations for ANEM. She also helps to support and mentor members on the path by guiding them in how to embody the core principles of the Movement, and coaches individuals through their integration and transformational processes.

Alixandra holds a B.A in English from CCSU in New Britain, CT. She is also a practicing Vedic Astrologer, and received her certification as a level III, M.A, graduate from the American Academy of Vedic Art & Science, founded by Sam Geppi. Through the Vedic Astrological lens, she works with the intention to bring us closer into alignment with our purest potential and innate gifts, while also shining light on the shadows and karmic patterns that can keep us stuck, or block our path to personal awakening.

In all that she offers, Alixandra is dedicated to the highest Truth, and brings her whole heart full of compassion, love, generosity and joyfulness.

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