We are living in a time where we as men have lost the necessary authenticity and depth that is required for a proper and meaningful way to relate to our true self, one another and our Creator Mother-Father God. In the Legacy of Righteousness, men gather to explore the right use of Will and Energy. Through various indigenous-based ceremonies and rituals, we undertake the arduous yet glorious journey within, in order to align and synchronize with Creator’s Will.

Reclaim the True essence of the Masculine Principle through finding Spirit, Purpose and Service

There is a magical dimension to men’s work and it is rooted in purpose, spirit, and service. When one of them is weak, there is a deep feeling of imbalance and a strong longing for meaning that cannot be ignored or easily quenched. We men need to reclaim our magical dimension afforded by our spiritual powers. As we realign ourselves with our gifts, purpose and service, we benefit ourselves, our families and Creation at large. Curriculums, Tools and Workshops are coming soon.

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