What is a Legacy?

A Legacy leaves a contribution and manifests change for the benefit of the world.

A Legacy is the imprint that our existence in this world leaves behind.  The purpose of our legacies is to manifest positive change for the benefit of all Creation and to leave an uplifting contribution for many generations to come.

Each of our Legacies carry a specific intent, a body of wisdom to receive and to live by. The ultimate goal of the Legacies is to offer A New Earth Movement to the world and to leave our impact, our stamp, for the benefit of humanity, and of the future generations, our children and the planet.

The 7 Legacies of A New Earth Movement are: Peace, Authenticity, Righteousness, Awareness, Respect, Intent, and Love. These all work to change the current disempowering and/or unconscious belief systems in our psyche, restore the truth of our oneness with God and to change the paradigm of conditioning on our planet.  Each Legacy has a specific message, individual and unique, lovingly channeled to remind us all both personally and trans-personally, that we are not separate from God.

This foundational message establishes awareness and a sense of unification to live in our  expression of authenticity, in alignment with true universal laws, with each other, with all of Creation and with Mother Earth.

How did the legacies come to be?

Founder of A New Earth Movement, Nina Palmieri, has spent a lifetime immersed in a deep spiritual quest for Healing and Truth. Through her studies with various Masters, Elders, and Wisdom Keepers, as well as numerous trainings & initiations, she was given insight and divine understanding on how to create a model for transformation, personal freedom and happiness.

Her personal encounters and experiences led to the creation of the Seven Legacies; the sacred components that make up A New Earth Movement. These 7 Legacies encompass ordained messages, practices, and pathways which lead to personal freedom and self-awareness, to living our authentic purpose while preserving the ancient Earth-based ways. The ultimate goal is communion with the Divine.

Love is the highest principle in the Universe. Love keeps us in divine communion with our Higher Self and Creator/Great Spirit and as such represents the ultimate foundation, essence and driving force that informs and empowers A New Earth Movement. The Legacy of Love is comprised of programs and principles that serve as pathways to Love.

The Legacy of Intent is the Word made manifest; the conscious utilization of the power of prayer and intent to receive and deliver a message of healing in order to elevate one’s consciousness and positively affect others’. We learn to use the Word responsibly, for the good of the whole with the purpose of transformation, healing and love.

The Legacy of Respect is committed to the restoration of the Divine Feminine Principle in the hearts and consciousness of humanity. In our divinely inspired curriculum, we convene together as women of like mind, in a sacred container, invoking the Great Mother and the highest principles of truth of the Feminine.

The Legacy of Awareness serves as a portal for individuals to gain a conscious understanding of themselves, and learn how to access and transmute the conditioning behaviors and patterns that keep us in bondage to personal and collective suffering. We  offer both an educational and experiential curriculum comprised of Wisdom Teachings drawn from various Earth-based traditions as well as Spirit-guided.

In the Legacy of Righteousness, men gather to explore the right use of will and energy and reclaim the true essence of the masculine principle through finding spirit, purpose and service. Through various indigenous-based ceremonies and rituals, we undertake the arduous yet glorious journey within, in order to align and synchronize with Creator’s will.

The Legacy of Authenticity is dedicated to foster and support the children and youth to embrace their uniqueness, as well as each other’s, so they can stay authentic to their truest essence as they grow up. We offer an educational curriculum as well as hands-on programs and tools to help the children learn at an early age how to use their minds responsibly and in coherence with their hearts and the inner voice of integrity.

Through the Legacy of Peace, individuals and communities have the opportunity to connect and immerse themselves in the messages and teachings of the Divine Mother. We gather in prayer services and sacred rose circles where we take part in the various alchemical steps of creating rose beads from red rose petals, as well as divinely-guided classes and meditations in Her honor.

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