Nina Palmieri, M.S, B.S

Nina Palmieri M.S, B.S. was raised Catholic in a traditional Italian family where she was baptized and confirmed in her hometown of Waterbury, CT.  She grew up with love, shelter and the traditional teachings on how to honor family and community.

As a child she spent a lot of time in nature by herself and together with her family, from being in the back yard woods where she grew up, to exploring many state and national parks. During most summer vacations, her family would go on extended road and camping trips in nature. By her early 20’s she had visited most U.S. National Parks.

This had a big influence in her life as she recognized early on that her mission was to care for Mother Nature and by using power spots on the Earth, she could help people come back to their true essence and help reconnect and realign them to the cycles of Nature. Subsequently at an early age she felt the inner calling toward Native American Spirituality. She began studying in her early years of college with a Mi’kmaq medicine woman who held regular sweat lodges and participated in the Sundance ceremonies.

These early on encounters encouraged her to seek out many other great healers and shamans on the path who helped satiate this interconnectedness with all of creation in the stillness and newfound presence with Mother Nature and the cycles of creation.

As a freshly inspired college graduate from the East Coast, at age 23 she followed a deep call to move to the Southwest, Sedona, Arizona.  Her quest for Native American Spirituality, Shamanism, Earth-based religions and higher teachings only grew in intensity.  Her love for the Earth and plants was equally met with countless opportunities to learn and grow from them and the sacred experiences as many teachers showed up along the path.

Nina completed a masters degree in Health Education, realizing the importance of integrating the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being with physical health. As she began teaching in the school systems of Northern Arizona, she saw the absence and great need of Health Education and integrated this curriculum in the school system where she was teaching.

A former division 2 college tennis player and USPTA certified teacher, she brought High School girls and boys teams to win Arizona State Championships as well as organized and ran tennis tournaments.  In addition to the excellence in the physical realm, she recognized the need of matching that with an equally developed mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of one’s life. This lead to integrating the counsel method, based on Native American teachings, in her High School curriculum, as well as implementing Rite of Passage programs for the non- profit organization ‘Youth Quest’. Though this was traditional education, the students were given experiences of understanding deeper aspects of themselves, and encouraged to open to their true nature and expression.

Answering to her calling in the realm of plant medicines, Nina worked with Herbal Vitality in Sedona, AZ for over eight years in a laboratory setting as well wildcrafting in nature where she developed a natural gift of perception into the souls of plants.  She practices this gift in her sessions with individuals as well as allowing it to inspire her to alchemically concoct healing elixirs and products.

Through this journey, she grew into a gift of perception into all living things, as well as the ability to penetrate the illusions of the psyche deeply and utilize the force of love and truth to invoke oneself to have a deep transformation.  She spontaneously woke up to the innate love she had for prayer and ritual. She found herself praying over everything at home, in nature, at work.

Her connection and relationship with the land in Sedona was particularly notable in that the intimacy she had gained in that period in her life was greater with the land than with any human experience.  She cried many tears, and prayed many, many prayers.  Before she knew it, she woke up to the fact that her life was a continuous living prayer.  Over the years, the land had come alive and taught her so much about the spiritual truths that she had read in different sacred texts.  This also contributed to her present day spiritual beliefs.

In 2002, Nina was accepted and subsequently deeply immersed herself in the Toltec Mystery School for over a decade. First as an apprentice with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and Dona Barbara Emrys and several years later as a teacher she began gaining mastery in “walking” the sacred land of Teotihuacán, Mexico, “where humans awaken and become God”. These ancient wisdom teachings helped her shed many conditioned beliefs and align herself with the highest light of God.

Along the path, she was initiated by Don Miguel Ruiz as a Nagual Woman of the Eagle Knight Lineage of the Ancient Toltec Wisdom.  Inspired by her apprenticeship and initiation, Nina has taken the teachings passed on to her and has continued to grow deeper in these mysteries becoming a Seer, a gift that she expresses and transmits to her students and the world, i.e. “seeing through the eyes of the Nagual”. She currently leads power journeys in Teotihuacán, Mexico and to other power spots around the globe sharing these wisdom teachings.

With her background in Toltec and healing wisdom, she was hired to lead groups at Alternative to Meds Recovery Center in Sedona, AZ. Utilizing her education, wisdom and natural gifts of perception, Nina went on to offer individual counseling to all residents of this center including staff.  Her practice as a Spiritual Counselor has grown in popularity and success since, and she is still actively giving individual and group sessions to this day. In addition, she was part of the Clinical Team, became the Aftercare manager and the Ethics director for this facility.

Throughout her life, she deepened her connection to Christian mysticism and universal spiritual law.  Her love, devotion and connection with Jesus and Mary opened more as she received many messages and experiences that lifted her into the greater perspective and teachings of the resurrection of the Christ Consciousness and love for the Creator first and foremost.  Nina was initiated into the mysteries of the Divine Mother and worked with the ancient practice of prayerfully making rosary beads. She also studied with various tribal elders and wisdom keepers from the Turtle Island as well as West Africa.

Along the path, she was called to delve deeper into the South American Indigenous healing traditions, where she was initiated in the mastery of working with plant spirit medicines.  Her life path led her to assist in coordinating and leading large ceremonies for the people where she eventually was initiated as an Elder and Madrinha. Nina was also ordained as a Minister by the Universal Life Church. In this capacity she performed many baptisms, weddings and funeral services.

Through this incredible life journey of transformation, Nina birthed the divinely inspired, A New Earth Movement, to help people grow in the awareness to eventually see that we are not separate from this truth, from love, from our Great Creator.

There is an intersection and thread that runs through all areas of her study and experience, where these traditions are weaved together as One, and offered as an integration that pierces the veil of separation and threads unity consciousness.  Through this journey, she developed an innate love and appreciation for the diversity of humanity and today carries within her teachings and messages a desire to bring the highest truth and love to all humanity.

Nina utilizes ancient native teachings to keep the connection with all of Life and Creation alive, to assist people in clearing limiting beliefs and to awaken to the truth of the light within, as well as to align with the greater consciousness. In this way we can contribute to the restoration of goodness, of higher frequency and bring heaven to Earth in order to create a new world.

A New Earth Movement provides a platform for people to come awaken and empower through ceremonies, prayer and other healing ritual modalities as well as Earth-based teachings. The intention is to pass on a legacy of Love, Awareness and collective intent to humanity to invoke positive change for future generations and our Mother Earth.

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