The Legacy of Intent is the Word made manifest; It is the conscious utilization of the power of prayer and intent to receive and deliver a message of healing in order to elevate our consciousness, and positively affect others’.

As we wake up to the realization that each thought, emotion, word and action, conscious or unconscious, carries a particular frequency that affects and shapes matter, we learn to use the Word responsibly and for the good of the whole with the purpose of transformation, healing and love.

The Power of Prayer in Action

As we gather together in community and prayer, we alchemically create a variety of sacred items that carry the frequency of a specific transformational message.  These sacred items become power objects, physical manifestations of those particular prayers designed to activate the necessary energies to assist our spiritual growth.

By making these power objects, essences and medicines available, our objective is to provide something tangible to bring home with us to enhance our transformational journey, awaken authenticity,  remember our communion with something greater and help us to actualize our God given talents.



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