It is our birthright to Love, and be Loved. Through the Legacy of Peace, individuals and communities have the opportunity to connect and immerse themselves in the messages and teachings of the Divine Mother.  We gather in prayer services, sacred rose circles, divinely-guided classes and meditations in Her honor.  Through the active participation of intention, devotion and prayer, we ignite a spark that opens us to receive and have a Holy encounter and experience with Her.

A Doorway Into the Mysteries of the Mother

We move beyond the limitations of who we think the Divine Mother is based on societal and cultural beliefs so we can step into a greater understanding and experience.  We enter into a state of grace, a sacred portal to embody Her message. The Divine Mother restores faith and brings unification to the Oneness of the Love, our birthright, that is inherent within everyone, all individuals, all ethnicities, all cultures, and all religions. These offerings are for those who feel in their Soul the calling of the Divine Holy Mother. This Legacy contributes to the restoration of Peace, Unity and Love to individuals, families, communities and the whole World at large.


Rosary Project

The process of making rosary beads from fresh red rose petals involves many different steps. We gather in prayer and devotion as a group and participate in the various aspects of the creation process under the tutelage of the Divine Mother.

Through years of prayer, devotion and surrender at the feet of the Divine Mother, Nina received teachings and instructions that culminated in an Initiatory path into the Divine Mother’s Mysteries. These messages have included creating Rosary Beads out of fresh rose petals as originally taught in the temples of ancient Egypt and then carried forth by various lineages.  Throughout time, the red rose has been associated with the Divine Mother, as this plant spirit carries her frequency of Love as well as the imprint of Her ancient and secret mysteries.


Messages and Teachings from the Divine Mother

By bringing forth channeled messages and teachings from the Divine Mother, Nina Palmieri transmits eternal wisdom to embody and live by. Available live and in pre-recorded audio format.


Meditations invoking the Divine Mother

Through guided meditations, we enter a direct portal to travel into relationship with the Mother and Her Mysteries, to self-heal and self-align. Available live and in pre-recorded audio format.


Divine Mother Initiatory Path

Teachings and instructions into the mysteries of the Divine Mother; for the individuals who choose the pathway of full immersion into Her sacred mysteries. This path is individually tailored for each initiate.

There are prerequisites required to enter into this path and it is reserved for those who are truly sincere in their quest to commit to this high initiation.

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