The Rosary Project

Through years of prayer, devotion and surrender at the feet of the Divine Mother, Nina received teachings and instructions that culminated in an Initiatory path into the Divine Mother’s Mysteries. These messages have included creating Sacred Rose Beads out of fresh rose petals as originally taught in the temples of ancient Egypt and then carried forth by various lineages.  Throughout time, the red rose has been associated with the Divine Mother, as this plant spirit carries her frequency of Love as well as the imprint of Her ancient and secret mysteries.

Through the journey of creating Sacred Rose Beads and the many encounters with the Divine Mother, Nina underwent a profound personal transformation. As she purified and committed more deeply to the path of the Divine Mother, she expanded to receive and embody Her living message and was then directed to fulfill a greater mission dedicated to Her.

The Legacy of Peace was developed and eventually birthed the sacred Rosary Project- wherein Sacred Rose Beads are prayerfully handcrafted during devotional community gatherings that invoke and encapsulate the vibratory essence of the message from the Divine Mother.  These become Power objects to have that carry and represent the embodiment of Her message.

The sacred mission of sharing the Divine Mother’s messages and creating sacred rose circles across the globe was bestowed upon Nina by the command of the Holy Mother in order to unite the people in solidarity and enhance faith, devotion, and prayer.  Working as a community in this way, we open to receive Her gracious gifts and sacred teachings as well as spark a remembrance and activation of Her love and Divine qualities.