The Legacy of Respect is committed to the restoration of the Divine Feminine Principle in the hearts and consciousness of humanity.

In our divinely inspired curriculum, we convene together as women of like mind, in a sacred container, invoking the Great Mother and the highest principles of truth of the Feminine.

Together, we seek to heal the wounds of our conditioning and the wounds of how we have separated from each other. Through this process, we remember and embody the truest essence of the self, the life-giving and nurturing aspects of the sacred feminine that lie deep within the recesses of our being and learn how to support each other and flourish in true sisterhood.

Let us gather as women of power

As we become aware and shed the illusionary masks and man-made concepts about womanhood that we have adopted, we metamorphose into the true essence of the sacred feminine.

At this time on our planet, it is imperative to regain our collective oneness as women in order to restore our respect and dignity for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. We awaken what has been lost; an ancient magic where we find our truest home, reclaiming our power as life-givers, our voices, our sisterhood and the balance within and all around.

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