Love is the highest principle in the Universe. Love keeps us in divine communion with our Higher Self and Creator/Great Spirit and as such represents the ultimate foundation, essence and driving force that informs and empowers A New Earth Movement.

Though Love encompasses and infuses all of the other legacies presented in our Movement, we feel it is important to have it as a stand-alone category as well. Among spiritual aspirants, it has become the most common quest to seek out ways to restore oneself to the inherent state of being; Love. Through entering this initiatory path, the seeker has the opportunity to retrieve, reclaim, integrate and embody this eternal Truth.

The Legacy of Love is comprised of programs and principles that serve as pathways to Love and offers a variety of events to help the participants remember the truth of who they are. Wisdom keepers, medicine carriers, and Indigenous Elders from various traditions and lineages come to share their particular traditions and teachings to activate and enhance the ancient wisdom that is inherent in all of us. Through the sacred gatherings, rituals and ceremonies of communing with the Elements and Higher Beings of the celestial courts and ultimately with Mother-Father Creator, we are igniting the flame of a New Earth Movement to bring restoration, peace and a new way of relating to oneself, each other and All our Relations.

Fulfilling the Prophecies

Many indigenous traditions speak about a time when tribal elders, Medicine Carriers and other wisdom keepers will leave their ancestral lands with the purpose of sharing their teachings with the rest of the world.

Those times are now

Only by coming together, sharing the Wisdom Ways of our traditions and realigning ourselves with the laws of nature we have a chance as humans to ensure the continuity of our species


The following 12 principles make up the foundation of A New Earth Movement and serve as the pathways that lead to awakening, spiritual evolution and ultimately self-realization; a conscious state of Oneness with Spirit.

Each principle is an entity in and of itself that serves as an evolutionary process towards the embodiment of Love. We strive together as a community to uphold and embody these principles as a way of life, thus becoming the living message to be shared with our fellow human beings and all Our Relations.



To know thyself is a mandatory practice in the art of awakening.

Awareness is the most important precursor to transformation, as well as the Mastery of all other principles, for “what we do not know, we cannot change”. We must master self-awareness in order to purify our channel and open the portal to embrace our divinity, and ultimately to know ourselves as the perfect reflection of God.



Charity is the restoration of the dignity of our shared humanity.

Charity breaks through the illusion of our small self, elevates us into Agape, and aids in the relief of the suffering of our fellow man.  We reach out our hands to the world in loving action; and we bring and share the goodness to others. To give freely, for the good of all of humanity, we make an offering—a pure giving where we step into the Spirit and frequency of Love.



Through commitment to our true-self as a primer, we strengthen our spiritual fiber and character.

This makes us accountable and responsible for our personal growth, as well as how we are to be in service to humanity. Commitment is a profound decision that we make where we say Yes to something that calls us.  When we affirmatively answer this deep call, the Universe will conspire to help us achieve that which was bestowed upon us.



Compassion is a state of being where we see and love through the eyes of Creator.

Through divine understanding, we rise to a higher perspective and thereby gain spiritual sight, as well as accept and respect the process and differences of one another.  The principle of compassion creates a safe environment where we can flourish and have the experience of an authentic healthy transformation.



Humility is a practice and a state of being where we set aside the Ego so we can perceive and live through the presence of love and our Higher Self.

Humility is a necessary ingredient for participants to have in order to respect one another and practice conscious receptivity. We encourage participants to put self-importance aside and practice care and kindness in their internal and external actions.


Impeccability of the Word

As we truly embody love, we become the living message and  the Word is made manifest.

Our life is a walking prayer where the spoken and unspoken word carries a certain frequency that can either be beneficial or detrimental, which then impacts all of creation either positively or negatively. Impeccability of the Word requires responsibility and awareness between the connection of our thoughts and our words relating to ourselves, each other and the planet.



Kindness is a virtue that is highly regarded because it offers to ourselves and one another a spiritually nurturing environment through the goodness that it brings forth.

A message delivered with kindness will be heard at the deepest level of our being, skating past all our inner wounds and subconscious complexes that have not yet been healed. Kindness is cultivated with conscious practice and serves as a way to open our hearts, as well as the hearts of others. Healing takes place in a kind environment.



Patience is an attribute that carries a frequency of love where we slow down to enter into the realm of the Divine, to create the unconditional acceptance of what is.

We practice the principle of patience and create a non-reactive state of being and an environment for the self and others where we gain reverence and power to act in accordance with universal law. We understand that everything in the Universe is as it should be, in divine timing and order.



Reciprocity is a state of being in which  we rejoin and actively contribute to the flow of the sacred Circle of Life.

Here we discover that we are indeed the chalices of Creator; the vessels and instruments for the magic of service and for the Law of One to flow through.  Reciprocity requires an exchange; in order to grow we are required to open up and to give. It is a necessity to have this attitude and to engage fully in this principle in order to achieve the highest results in your transformation.



Respect is the art of seeing our lives through the eyes of the Divine where we receive, allow and accept life as it is, on its own terms, without interference.

We value and encourage the embodiment of Respect as the prevailing and guiding principle of how to live our lives.  As we practice Respect, we refrain from asserting our personal will, and surrender our beliefs and conditioning to the Divine Will. We learn how to take the steps to accept and honor what is happening for ourselves, each other and all of Creation in order to find our freedom.


Selfless Service

Through selfless service to the greater whole, we become the expression of the Divine in action.

Selfless service shifts us from an entitlement consciousness to a humble and devotional attitude that enhances the operational flow, and benefits humanity and our planet at large. As we give of ourselves without expectation or personal gain, we align with the Divine and make room for the force of unconditional love to move through. Ultimately, selfless service is a doorway into personal enlightenment where we find purpose and our life becomes a living prayer.


Spiritual Devotional Practices

The art of Devotion is a practice which shifts our reality into one of communion with the Divine, where we enter into a state of Grace.

A New Earth Movement was birthed from the practice of Devotion and prayer to God and this has become one of the driving forces and foundational cornerstones of this Movement. In this Holy practice  we alchemize our conditioning around Prayer in order to find our own entry point and gain access to our individual connection with the Divine, where we engage and enter into an experience of communion to restore our connection with God/Creator; which ultimately heals our illusion of separation.

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