7 Legacies eBook


Pathways to Transformation and Awakening—The 7 Legacies eBook is a PDF that can be downloaded. Once you complete your purchase, we’ll email you a link to download the ebook.


Description / FAQs

Through your active and conscious participation in this eBook, we join together on a new frequency and align and uplift ourselves and humanity into an advanced level of consciousness for the betterment of All of Creation, especially for our children and the future of our planet, for many generations to come.

Each legacy is designed to lead you on a deep journey of self-exploration that sparks your internal flame to awaken and flourish, as well as to highlight important ingredients and foundational milestones for embodying and manifesting A New Earth Movement.

This body of wisdom is intended for all those who are:

  • Seeking Personal Freedom
  • Desiring Sacred Union with the Divine
  • Wanting to Develop or Strengthen a proper relationship with All Creation


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