When I met Nina Palmieri and stumbled upon, fell into really, A New Earth
Movement, I had been desperately seeking for a very long time. While I had done
much internal work, I was still firmly attached to the stories and victimhood of my
upbringing. I was addicted to suffering, and at the time I was stuck floating
somewhere in the triangle of victim/ hero/ persecutor. I was holding firmly to a
deep, dark void in my core that had been with me as long as I could remember, and
in all honesty, I believed it defined who I was and influenced everything I did. I
had been seeking to fill this void in any way possible, and I did that with people,
work, food, and substances. I built a fortress and a story around this void, and my
actions were motivated by my suffering and desperate need for its relief. I had
grown to a place of having enough insight to recognize this pattern was not serving
me and yet I felt unable to do anything differently. I looked to religion, therapy
and everyone I knew for the path to freedom from this place I felt trapped. I was
looking for love, I was looking for the truth, and I was looking for connection with
the Divine. What I have learned through the holy transmissions offered at A New
Earth Movement is that I AM what I have been looking for. I was looking to come
home to myself, and what a beautiful place that is!

This is the place I was in when I met Nina and arrived at A New Earth Movement.
I was in pain, deeply entrenched in my story, asleep, and desperately looking to
anyone or anything outside of myself for the answers. I was repeating patterns that
were literally killing me. While outwardly considered “successful,” my spiritual
and emotional crisis manifested in several physical illnesses that were life-
threatening. I used to say Nina and I meeting was serendipitous, but I now know it
was Divine intervention and the evolution of a soul contract I made long before I
was Sari.

I was raised in a culturally Jewish but nonreligious home, but can remember having
a deep connection to the Divine since I was a small child. As a result of my
conditioning growing up, I believed I had lost touch with this connection. I
believed I had forgotten how to pray. My involvement with A New Earth
Movement has shown me that I had lost my connection with myself, and
in gently and patiently supporting me in coming home to myself I have
remembered that this is where the Divine lives; connection with myself is
connection with the Divine. That we are one.

This remembering has opened a whole new way of seeing for me. I have learned
to take a higher perspective and what it means to look at myself, others, and the
world through the eyes of the Divine instead of through the eyes of Sari. When I
practice this sacred way of seeing, I find endless compassion and love for myself
and others. And I do not use the word practice lightly! I often find myself falling
back into my humanness and playing out old patterns, but I am far more aware of it
and far less attached to them. I can now see these patterns as signals from the
Divine to pay attention and to have awareness instead of personal failures. And
when I get stuck in a pattern that no longer serves me, stuck in that illusion of
separation from the Divine, I am grateful to have the tools and a community to
support me in coming back to my center and loving me not despite my humanness,
but because of it.

In some ways, I feel as if I have gone through a death and rebirth of sorts and I am
re-experiencing sacred developmental milestones, and there are growing pains
along the way, but my awareness is heightened, and I am committed to striving for
impeccability and right thought, right feeling, and right actions. I can remember
listening to the sacred teachings Nina was offering during my first power journey
to Teotihuacan and thinking “Is she even speaking English?”, but over time I
began to perceive how those teachings and transmissions had permeated my being
and had begun to ignite a transformation I could not have dreamed of. I am
learning to see through my spiritual eyes and to trust that when I don’t understand
a teaching with my mind, that is it simply a seed being planted waiting patiently
for the conditions to be right for growth and expansion. I am learning how to live
in a higher perspective.

In love, light, and gratitude,
Sari Fleischer