During this ritual class for women, Leanne shares her personal experience of coming into her body, and how this process has allowed for a deepening on her personal healing journey. She also offers different practices and tools for how we too can come into our bodies; anchor into our feet, come into our hearts, and come home to our authentic selves so that we can share our unique medicine with the world from an embodied place. As we are downshifting from a patriarchal society into a more feminine frequency, many of us are living outside of our bodies. We have been moving at a fast pace, and it’s time to come back to the pace of Life.

Leanne guides us through a Five Senses Awakening ritual and embodiment practice. For those listening to the recording, Leanne asked for participants to beautify their space/set a sacred space before listening, bring 2 essential oils, a piece of juicy fruit, a piece of chocolate, honey & coconut oil to the call for the ritual.

**Please Note: At around 17:35 minutes, the call drops for about 2 minutes and then continues.