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Leanne Falco


Leanne Falco

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 21 2022
  • Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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Sep 21 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



The 8 Pointed Evolutionary Immersion

Our 8 pointed evolutionary journey will begin on the Fall Equinox, the first point of this new year’s cycle. This is the point where we plant a new seed of intent for our personal path towards awakening that we will then work with and cultivate as we go through each point of the medicine wheel.

Is there something you are really determined to let go of during this coming year? Or perhaps you are craving to bring your gifts into manifestation. No matter your intent, this guided evolutionary journey through each point of the earth’s cycles becomes an inevitably powerful process of transformation and a way to uncover your truest self. By aligning ourselves with these cycles with wisdom and awareness, we develop our spiritual sight as our seeds of intent flourish and Divine insights are revealed.

What you receive in the 8 Pointed Evolutionary Immersion:  

🌟 8 one hour live Wisdom Teachings & Ritual classes with Nina
((Please Note: These live video Wisdom Teachings & Rituals will be offered to the public as well as drop in classes))

🌟 8 half hour live classes & Q&A with Ian

🌟  8 1 oz. Gateway essences created with the vibrational frequency of each point

🌟 8 pre-recorded meditations to assist during the cycles

🌟 8 pre-recorded 45 minute yoga videos from Ian

🌟 8 Dropbox downloadable hymns from Leanne

🌟 4 Spiritual Counseling Sessions with Nina throughout the year

🌟 4 Mentoring Sessions with Leanne throughout the year

  • Location: All classes, Q&A and sessions will take place via zoom video. You will be notified before each cycle’s class to confirm the date and time. For private sessions, we will contact you post your registration and commitment to schedule for your first one.
  • Times: This immersion will begin on Wednesday, September 21st at 6 PM PST with a live video Wisdom Teaching from Nina. All other dates and times will be provided once the total enrollments is confirmed.
  • Donation: The total value of this offering is $2,320.

For those who pay in full: 

  • $2,020 is due Sept. 14 (biggest discount for those who PIF)

For those who’d like payment assistance: 

  • Option1: 4 Payments of $545 (Total $2,180)
  • Option 2: 8 Payments of $290 (Total $2,320)

**Payment plans will require you to pay at each cycle, or every other, with a written agreement to be signed ahead of time. All payments can be made via PayPal, Zelle or Check. To sign up, or for any questions, please email us at

A New Earth Movement

As Nina completed her masters degree in Health Education, she realized the importance of integrating the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being with physical health. A lifelong journey of devotion, transformation and growth in awareness and understanding culminated as she studied, apprenticed and eventually became initiated by Don Miguel Ruiz and Donna Barbara Emrys as a Nagual Woman of the Eagle Knight Lineage of the Ancient Toltec Wisdom. Subsequently Nina developed a body of teachings in order to assist people in clearing limiting beliefs and to awaken to the truth of the light within, as well as to align with the greater consciousness. Eventually, A New Earth Movement was divinely inspired and birthed in order to provide a platform for people to come awaken and become empowered through ceremonies, prayer and other healing ritual modalities as well as Earth-based teachings.


A New Earth Movement

Leanne Falco has been committed and dedicated to apprenticing with Nina Palmieri and A New Earth Movement since 2016. She works closely with the Legacy of Awareness and Legacy of Respect and does a lot of behind-the-scenes organization for the classes that are offered by Nina and the community. Recently, she graduated from the Advanced Mentorship Program and is currently offering Spiritual Mentoring for women.

In 2019, Leanne graduated from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality founded by Layla Martin and is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach. She is also currently enrolled in Dakota Chanel’s Water Priestess Mystery School, where she is deepening her connection to the sacred water. She is passionate about continuing her education to remember the ancient ways, grow in her awareness, and help women re-connect back with their cyclical nature, body temples, and sacred sensuality.

Leanne’s highest excitement is creating conscious electronic new-age medicine music inspired by the teachings offered by Nina. Her first album will be out on the Fall Equinox.

IAN VIA – Core Member 
A New Earth Movement

Ian Via is a core member of ANEM from its inception and serves as the keeper of the sacred fire for ANEM’s rituals and ceremonies. He is also an apprentice to the Legacy of Awareness, Legacy of Righteousness and the wisdom teachings offered through A New Earth Movement.

Ian offers meditations and classes to align and identify with the subtler energies of the body. In pulling the electrical currents of the senses inward, toward the source of everything we are, we become more deeply acquainted with the Divine energy coursing through our bodies. In doing so we learn to better wield the magic staff of our spine in the cultivation and refinement of energy. We will use our most precious resource, the Divine spring of life that gushes forth from us constantly, in order to co-create both the inner and outer realms in which we live. After tapping into the I AM presence-the presence of God-to directly feed, and be fed from that source of power by which our entire system is supported, we power dream a better world into being for us and for generations to come.


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