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Spiritual Counseling Circle

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 24 2024
  • Time: 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm


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Jan 24 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Spiritual Counseling Circle

This intimate counseling circle is open to both those who graduated from our ANEM Mentorship 1 Programs or Advanced Mentorship Programs, as well as anyone who feels ready and willing to go deep in a powerful container to receive wisdom and reflections for their transformational process and coaching techniques.

Over the many years of offering Spiritual Counseling, I have had the pleasure of assisting, guiding and witnessing individuals in the healing of deep and challenging patterns that stood in the way of the fullest expression of their authentic selves.

This counseling group is an inspired and unique offering for those who have a growing desire to wake up, or have a deep prayer for their evolution.  We will dive deep into healing lifelong patterns, while you are taught how to implement this profound technique for yourself, as well as to help others.

You will have the opportunity to go deeper and receive counseling, learn how to witness this technique and expand mentorship skills in a personal, live and vulnerable group setting.  Each individual will share an issue they struggle with and receive guidance, insights and feedback — while learning how “I See” and guide the Mentee in their process.

Everyone on the call will get to hear, receive, ask questions and have a turn to receive an individual Spiritual Counseling Session. In addition, there will be group discussions and reflections about how to gain insights on the process of coaching a Mentee.

This is a great opportunity to expand, transform and witness a sacred live technique with many Divine insights and reflections that aid in deep profound healing and advancement in awareness.

This is an advanced program where sacred teachings and techniques will be revealed. This unique program is limited to only 6 participants. Each personal session is approximately 45-60 minutes, with pre and post teachings, and there will be 6 sessions in total. Each class will be 75 minutes, and the first and last class will be 90 minutes. 

– Location: The format will be over Zoom video, where you will be given access to a conference call number via email to tune into an hour long community platform led by Nina Palmieri.

– Dates: January 24th, 31st, February 7th, 13th, 20th & February 28th, all starting at 6:00PM PDT. ((These dates are a mix of Tuesdays & Wednesdays))

– Contribution: $575. for all 6 sessions. (8 hours total)


A New Earth Movement

As Nina completed her masters degree in Health Education, she realized the importance of integrating the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being with physical health. A lifelong journey of devotion, transformation and growth in awareness and understanding culminated as she studied, apprenticed and eventually became initiated by Don Miguel Ruiz and Donna Barbara Emrys as a Nagual Woman of the Eagle Knight Lineage of the Ancient Toltec Wisdom. Subsequently Nina developed a body of teachings in order to assist people in clearing limiting beliefs and to awaken to the truth of the light within, as well as to align with the greater consciousness. Eventually, A New Earth Movement was divinely inspired and birthed in order to provide a platform for people to come awaken and become empowered through ceremonies, prayer and other healing ritual modalities as well as Earth-based teachings.

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