Man, what a rollercoaster this month has been, right? Some people sick, some people sheltering in place, it’s so hard to not let the fear of it all get to me. This is the weirdest thing that’s happened in my entire life.

I am working right now in the mental health industry and our business is deemed essential, so we are open. I’m working 6 days a week, surrounded by people who just regurgitate corona virus protocols and fear.  Like this one; “Did you leave the house today?…while they reach for hand sanitizer.

I mean honestly, what a bunch of nonsense the world is in right now. 

At first I was angry about all this and looking to blame some force, or some entity outside of me, but then I had to just look inward. So I do my inner work. I pray, meditate, contemplate, I do a life review….because I have learned from my teachers at ANEM that the real change starts within. And I realize yes, I contribute to pollution, I spread germs, I have fear, I am not as healthy as I could be, I don’t stand up for myself, etc, and then I get scared… how do I change something that’s built into the whole society?

So when reviewing my life and my environment it can be very overwhelming, and truly, all I find helpful is constant prayer because what else can I do about all this besides pray to be a better person, in better harmony with my environment. 

ANEM is always there, praying, spreading the truth, giving love, and helping me to see that while there is so much chaos surrounding me, and even in me, there’s a way to find peace amidst the storm. 

And since peace is what we all need right now, I’m very appreciative someone is out there giving this message.

Thank you,

Steve Woodring