How I Found My Way

Ever since I can remember, my greatest desire has always been to help those who are suffering. When I lived back home in Connecticut, I spent a lot of my time volunteering, supporting others and working with children. I also always knew that there was something greater out there, and considered myself spiritual and a lover of nature…and I enjoyed exploring many different philosophies and religions to hear their stories and opinions on this great play of life.

My love of learning, helping others and delving into different ideas propelled me to enter college to receive my English degree, so that I could become an English teacher. I love the way that literature can open your eyes to other perspectives, and the way it invites you to think for yourself. My English teachers were also wonderful and supportive people, really supporting me outside of the classroom through some very difficult things happening in my home life. This inspired me even more to be a teacher, as I saw how teachers can influence their students’ lives on so many levels.

However, after graduating college in 2012, I realized that I needed to pause and branch out a bit. I wanted to be like the Beatniks I had studied; roaming free, drinking in life and writing about endless adventures. So I packed up my belongings and drove off, not really with a destination. A few months in to my travels, I met a girl who invited me to a gathering led by Nina in Arizona. Little did I know at the time, that by saying yes to this invitation I was taking the first step towards my true dharma.

After this gathering, I was so moved by the power of her prayer and what I had experienced that I began to build my life around being able to work with Nina… not consciously, but when I look back that is certainly what happened. I see now how this work is truly what I was craving because rather than reading about God and other perspectives on spirituality from religious texts or Transcendentalists, I was for the first time having my own experiential encounter with the Divine. This initial encounter led me down what has now become a lifelong journey to grow ever closer to the Divine presence in my own authentic way.

It has been over six years now that I have known and worked with Nina. This Movement allows me to truly embody and live my greatest longings; to learn, to be with God and to help others. It is all experiential too, you are led to your freedom with ANEM, rather than told how to get there or that what worked for someone else will work for you. This path is unique and individualized, it is a great mystery,  it allows each of us to learn at our own pace, to know God in our own way, and to serve through expressing our own natural gifts… in simply being our true, authentic selves and doing our personal work, I see how much this helps and inspires others.

I feel that I am still working towards being a teacher, though not in the academic world anymore. I see how my journey down this path has allowed me to learn so many things, and that I am embracing a threshold at this time in my life where I am slowly feeling ready to teach and hold space for others to embark on the same journey that I did. I have learned how to decondition limiting beliefs, reconnect with God, with nature, with my highest self, how to be the best version of myself, how to be truly happy,  how to bring my feminine and masculine nature into balance, just to name a few… the list of what I have learned, continue to learn and how I am healing really could go on and on.

I am eternally grateful to myself first for answering the call, for consistently showing up in faith, willingness and commitment, and even though I didn’t fully understand what it was I was invested in until recently, I believe my spirit has always known. I am grateful for Nina and A New Earth Movement too, for being a light in the darkness, a pillar of truth, of love and of light… here for whomever feels the call to step into the mystery, to grow, to heal and to serve. We at ANEM are here to guide you, to support you and to love you through your transformation, just as was done for me… and that is the greatest blessing, to give back to others the love and the support that was given to me and that helped me to evolve and awaken into the woman I am today.

In gratitude,

Alixandra Claman