Hello, on behalf of the Legacy of Intent!

We are so happy to announce that we will be launching a new platform to make our sacred goods available to you!

About Legacy of Intent

The Legacy of Intent is one of the branches of A New Earth Movement, where we work with the power of prayer and our individual gifts to create sacred tools to assist one another on the spiritual journey.

Many goods we offer are handmade, and either made in-house as part of the Legacy of Intent or is something that we have acquired on our travels during various ANEM pilgrimages and Power Journeys. In our travels, we carefully select products, many from indigenous peoples, from those who are close to the land and are creating prayerful intent.

Each item in our marketplace is a true power object; it carries a frequency of healing or activation and is the manifestation of prayerful intent. The prayers embedded in these items and medicines are in alinement with and an extension of the prayer we are carrying at A New Earth Movement.

By making these power objects and medicines available to you, our intent is that they would benefit your life, enhancing your personal transformation, awakening you to your authenticity, fostering true healing, and help to restore remembrance of our connection with something greater.

About our new launch

Starting May 1st, we will be launching our sacred goods on Instagram and Facebook! This will be our first online platform for many of these goods and will be an avenue for you to purchase as well as learn more about the origins of each item.

What we’re doing

Every month we will be featuring different products that have a special resonance with the Earth Cycle we are in.

What we will be offering

  • In-House Alchemical Herbal Preparations
  • Traditional and Modern Indigenous Jewelry
  • Power Objects
  • Medicine Bags
  • Tapestries
  • Indigenous Art & Accessories

Each post will include a brief description, including the origin of each item, as well as its traditional use in its culture of origin. Our intention with this is to build a bridge of connection with its source and keep alive the ancient wisdom imbued within each object.

And as we mentioned earlier, each item is a power object. A power object is anything made in prayer that has the capacity to open and unlock certain frequencies to assist us in our awakening.

Generally, when you are attracted to something, it is because there’s medicine in it for you!

Right now we have goods from

  1. Burkina Faso, Africa
  2. Shipibo communities in from Amazon Jungle
  3. Andean communities in Peru
  4. Teotihuacan, Mexico
  5. Wirarika Huichol communities in Mexico
  6. Indigenous communities in central and southern Mexico
  7. Diné Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni and Hopi communities in Southwestern USA

About our in-house herbal products

A big part of the Legacy of Intent is the ritual creation of different alchemical herbal preparations. Each is formulated as the manifestation of sacred prayer and carries a specific pathway or resonance of healing. They are all designed to be alchemical allies, to open the gateways of transformation. Many are intentionally crafted in tune with the sacred Earth Cycles, as a way of reconnection and reigniting the rhythms of nature within.

Each month we will feature various alchemical herbal preparations — Flower and Gem Essences, Ceremonial Clearing Smudge Sprays, and other formulas with specific energetic resonances appropriate for the time.

More about the project

We chose to send out this message on Earth Day because all of our offerings are in alignment with a new way (or really an ancient way) of living in harmony and reciprocity with our sacred Mother Earth. Many of the medicines and medicine objects come directly from the Earth, from the ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations — ways of working with the land and plants for healing, protection, and alignment with Creator’s Law.

As many of the goods come from indigenous first nations people, the sales directly support them in their craft. What personally moves me about this is it allows indigenous culture to stay unbroken; it encourages younger generations to continue in their ancient ways rather than leaving their way of life in search of other forms of income. We purchase directly from communities and elders, and each purchase you make allows us to continue our exchanges with them. Sales also support the continued operations of ANEM.

We hope you will join us online!

This market is an extension of the prayer of A New Earth Movement to bring its message to the people, a prayer to heal from the illusions of separation and to come into the sacredness of one’s personal essence.

By making these power objects and medicines available, our intent is to provide something tangible for you to work with as a means of connection, a gateway into the divine and into your own nature.

We sincerely hope that you are touched by this offering, and we invite you to share this message with your friends and loved ones who you feel will resonate with this offering!



Please join us below to stay updated on our progress, and be the first to know when everything is officially up!