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09. Divine Mother Package

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This package was carefully selected to support you in your unfolding on the sacred Path of the Rose, the path of the Divine Mother. As the Mother is our Lady of Peace, we have included this alchemical mist made by our Legacy of Intent to transport you to a state of peace, where you can more easily access the grace of the Mother within and all around.

Our Divine Mother Essence carries a similar intent, and is prayerfully infused with red rose petals, as the rose is the sacred symbol and flower that has accompanied the Mother in many of her apparitions. This essence is made to help you to properties of our Divine Mother, and to recognize that they dwell within you as we are made of her sacred substance.

The devotional bracelet and rosary come from the Basilica of Guadalupe, one of the apparition sites of the Mother. We specifically bring things back from this place, as all things that come from there are imbued with the blessing and frequency of the Blessed Mother.

Peaceful Light Portal Alchemical Mist: Peaceful Light Portal transports you into a state of peace, where you shall be graced by the illumination of holy Light from the higher Divine realms. This alchemical mist was initiated at a weekend-long ritual gathering of women, where fresh flowers and herbs from our gardens adorned the altar and were imbued with countless prayers in a container of the sacred feminine. These herbs were used to create the base for this floral water, and later enhanced with specific prayers and additional ingredients to create this unique & potent blend.

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Each of our Legacy of Intent packages have been created as a collection of power objets to awaken a specific intent and frequency in your life. We pray that they open you to new dimensions of connection and bring activation to your path on this sacred Beauty Way.

Package includes:

– Rose Bead Rosary Style Bracelet – Guadalupe / Christ

– Rose Bead and Clear Crystal Rosary

– ANEM’s Gateway Mist “Peaceful Light Portal” – 4 oz mist

– ANEM’s Gateway Essence “Divine Mother Essence” – 1 oz dropper bottle

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