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10. Protection Package

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This package is made with the intent of bringing Spiritual Protection into your life. Each item is aligned with this intent and carries this frequency, along with its specific sacred usage from its culture of origin.

Red is traditionally a color of protection. We have chosen a red belt, as these belts are also used as tools of protection to contain our personal energy and help to create a sacred container for ourselves. The “hat band” can be worn on a hat or as headband directly on the head. There is a sacred teaching that wearing something in a circle around your head keeps you centered in the wheel of life, so you are balanced between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the Self. The Cedar Beads are an ancient Navajo tool for protection, and are said to keep away evil, bad dreams and any kind of negativity, while keeping you in harmony with the circle of life. The Beaded Container Keychain can be used to carry any type of material for protection — pollen, ash, etc. Spiritual Protection Cleanse is made in house by our Legacy of Intent, see description below.

Spiritual Protection Cleanse: This highly potent alchemical mist works in the higher subtler realms, and carries a true imprint of energetic and spiritual protection. It is designed to clear detrimental energies, lower harmful frequencies, as well as attachments in the ethereal, astral and causal realms. It also confers protection on the spiritual level, sealing any openings, and reinforces one’s spiritual shield. The special blend is infused with the alchemy of the ultraviolet ray and a true imprint of spiritual protection. This has been achieved through physical and energetic ingredients used and exponentially enhanced by the intentful prayer and Divine imprinting that occurred during its making. **Recommended for special sacred usage, not as a daily smudge.

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Each of our Legacy of Intent packages have been created as a collection of power objets to awaken a specific intent and frequency in your life. We pray that they open you to new dimensions of connection and bring activation to your path on this sacred Beauty Way.

Package includes:

– ANEM’s Gateway Mist “Spiritual Protection Cleanse” – 5 oz bottle

– Cedar Beads (Navajo “Ghost Beads”)

– Andean Woven Wool Belt

– Navajo Beaded Hat Band

– Navajo Beaded Keychain Container

– Southwest Navajo Medicine Bag Zip Pouch

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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