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14. Siberian Mongolian Protection Talisman by Leslie McQuaide

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This hand-made object, traditionally called A Siberian Gurbaljin Dom, is created in the manner of traditional protective talismen of Siberia and Mongolia. There are three isosceles triangles strung together. The blue represents the Sky, the green the Earth, and the red the Underworld.

Why use isosceles triangles? The longest edge is always at the top and is open to the protective energies of Heaven while the ends of the triangle are places for friendly spirits to perch.

Gubaljin Doms are traditionally hand-embroidered fabrics and filled with wool, herbs, and objects of personal protection. For this Dom, the blue Sky triangle is filled with clouds of felted wolf fur, the green Earth triangle with organic lavender, and the Underground red triangle with porcupine quills.

Tiny brass bells are sewn into the gold-beaded cording from which the small packets are strung. Each triangle is embellished with charms, silver and colored glass amulets and cowrie shells. Sewn into the top is a deep red velvet tassel with a silver and blue charm and tiny gold and pink metal flower while the bottom end is embellished with silver glass bead strings and tiny red crystals.

Gurbalgin Doms can be hung from any place where there is a loved one you wish to protect: a car interior for a person traveling, a baby stroller, an entry to a house or room. The uses are infinite. 

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Created with loving intention for the protection by artist Leslie Ann McQuaide. Leslie has been an active and beloved core member of ANEM since 2016.

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