Bogdan Iliescu is a recent graduate from ANEM Advanced Mentorship Program, and has been a committed student of Nina Palmieri since the beginning of 2019. 

During this one hour phone session, Bogdan offers a compassionate, clear reflection to help guide you through the process of discovering the internal programs and patterns that are not conducive to optimal health. Through the use of direct questions and dialogue, Bogdan seeks to not only help you to discover the programs, but also to find solutions to overcome them. 

Bogdan is fully dedicated to his own growth, and throughout his unique personal healing journey he has found that awareness, discipline, willingness and an understanding of the mind/body connection are the main components to wholeness and healing. 

With sincere enthusiasm and care, Bogdan brings authentic love to each Mentorship Session, helping you to feel truly held throughout your time together, as well as offering you insightful tools that will help you throughout your healing journey.