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ANEM Mentorship Program

ANEM Mentorship Program Full Payment


We are very excited to announce the start of our much anticipated ‘ANEM Mentorship Program’, which will begin at the Fall Equinox. This is a 3 month-long immersion intensive through interactive live video, with weekly Wednesday classes and biweekly practicum classes on Saturdays.

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Today more than ever, many individuals are asking to make sense of their life and purpose, as well as are in need of proper support and guidance to help align oneself with a more balanced perspective and healthy patterns. Mentors serve as guideposts and fellow traveling companions for those in need of establishing their inner compass.  The main requirement for one to become a good mentor resides in having been able to successfully and satisfactorily graduate and integrate personal life lessons and experiences and feel the calling to assist somebody else to achieve the same.

The primary theme of our Mentorship Program is how to become our own coach in our personal development and healing process, while simultaneously develop the necessary insights to assist others wisely through their own growth and healing journey.

ANEM Mentorship Program is designed to take you into a deep study of the self, the psyche and discover the premise behind how to unravel the root of suffering/programming that is responsible for obstructing our most true and authentic nature and purpose. We will work to gain higher perspectives and understandings of how to track the mind/body and spirit connection for ourselves and for others with great awareness and guidance that reinforces our inner knowing.

As we actively join in this container of teachings, we will inevitably become liberated in our own personal process while gaining wisdom, keen insight, and abilities, as well as the necessary experience to become more equipped to mentor another with confidence and clarity. Ultimately, we will dive deeper together into the mastery of soul level mentorship.

With all our love,
Nina & A New Earth Movement


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