The Day of the Resurrection.
The Holy Day when Jesus was risen by God.
I love honoring the Holy Days, of many faiths.
They represent a mythical journey of transformation, each year as we follow the stories and cycles through nature we have a chance to rebirth ourselves over and over again, to reclaim our light… we can see ourselves within these Holy myths, playing out the Hero’s Journey year after year. These sacred storylines have been so tainted over the centuries by the actions of humans, Hallmark cards and cartoon characters… we have lost the significance of their power and our direct connection to them.
The Day of the Resurrection. The Holy Day when Jesus was risen by God, to be exalted as the Great Light of the Spirit. And soon after this, as shown by the ancient Vedic calendar, the Sun enters Aries, the constellation where Surya too becomes exalted in the sky. Is this a coincidence? I think not.
Simultaneously, the buds are bursting in the Northern Hemisphere. The birds are chirping, the caterpillars are munching, the life is flushing back into the branches.
Easter is the day of the Resurrection of the Light. And it is a Resurrection because it is new, it is a changed form, it has been raised by God… Jesus was not the same when he returned.
This is all an alchemical promise of life after the process of transformation. New life, fresh and re-birthed. It is promised in the story of Jesus, it is promised in the movement of the Sun around the ecliptic every year, it is promised in the dead branches that slowly become green again, in all the little rose buds… it is promised in the chrysalis holding a soon to be butterfly.
Resurrection means a creation of something new, and the power in this promise allows us to always hold hope.
No matter what we endure, if we are faithful to love, peace, right action, acceptance, loving thy neighbor, the wisdom of the Earth… all the truths spoken within every true faith, we are promised Resurrection. It is reflected back to us by nature, the celestial forces, all the great wisdom keepers… how can we deny such pure reflections of the truth?
When I woke up Easter morning, I had forgotten this truth, as I do many times within my humble human experience. Though I will say, I strive to be self aware, and I was aware that I had forgotten. And so the day became a day to pray. I prayed for many things. I prayed to remember. I prayed to be able to see the reflection of nature around me, to trust in Her wisdom, and to bow my head to the celestial bodies, to receive their messages rather than resist them. I prayed for the children, for the innocent ones. I prayed to accept my own worth and purity and power, so that I may resurrect the light within me, and to remember that we are all promised new, beautiful life after death if we align. It is all a cycle.
I prayed for a blessing, for a message. The rain was pouring down, and when it finished, I walked outside and was guided to a milkweed bush. I sat in awe of how the color was coming back into its branches, the leaves and flowers were beginning to sing, and a few caterpillars were munching away. The glory of nature!!! And there, amongst it all, I saw a tiny, beautiful chrysalis ((pictured above)) hanging ever so gracefully from one of the branches.
And I knew this was my messenger, it was my blessing.
So vibrantly vulnerable it is. Gently suspended, delicately exposed among the elements. Trusting the process.
Did the caterpillar know why she had to go into a cocoon?
Was it natural or did she fight it? Is she afraid in there?
Is she aware that she will soon be a beautiful butterfly?
And that she will have wings to soar?
I saw through her, that we are in a cocoon.
Held safe in the promise of Resurrection, we are in the growing pains, confined, and vulnerable… though we are all the while held in the light, you can feel that too if you believe it. And the light can protect you when you attune to its frequency, the light is all around you, all of nature reflects it back to us.
And so I share my blessing with you, because it warmed my heart and it gave me faith. That we shall rise, if we follow the laws of nature and the teachings of the Great Ones we are promised Resurrection, and we shall rise, just as the beautiful butterflies.

With love,

Alix Claman