I remember these acorns in the driveway at my grandparents house when I was a little girl. I would try and blow in the caps of them and make a whistle sound. I never understood the power of nature until I started working with Nina and the Movement. I had no idea about the medicine wheel of life and the different cycles it brings, and that we are actually a part of nature and are going through what nature is going through during each cycle. This is information they don’t teach us in school, so how could we ever be expected to know?

When I recently went back home to Connecticut to visit my grandparents I was reminded of these acorns. My grandpa was all bothered that they made a mess in the yard and hit the cars in the driveway. It made me realize that I never really had anyone to teach me about nature and this helped me understand how many of us are truly removed from the connection to our Earth Mother.

As I was driving around my hometown, with this new vision, this new perspective, I was greeted with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for nature that brought me to tears. I had lived there for twenty something years and never noticed the magnificence of life and this web of communication that is created between everything. The trees were brighter, like I was looking at them through HD lenses. They were glowing,Β and they remembered me. It was like they were saying hi to an old friend through this telepathic communication and I was in communion with them. I was simultaneously moved into gratitude for their beauty, and grief that I had never noticed them before in this way.

Being on this path has taught me that I am nature, and as I grow in my awareness and align deeper with these cycles I am downloaded with messages from the Earth, mostly in the form of songs. I know that when I get on my hands and knees and I bow my head down in silence, I start to hear. Now I understand that these acorns are really seeds that start the beginning of the medicine wheel, the beginning of a new cycle; the Fall Equinox. We get to choose something to plant during this cycle that we want to tend to and grow in our lives. What are you planting this year?


Leanne Falco