Sept 16th – Dec 16th 2020


Led by Nina Palmieri, Founder of A New Earth Movment

We are very excited to announce the start of our much anticipated ‘ANEM Mentorship Program’, which will begin at the Fall Equinox. This is a 3-month long immersion intensive through interactive live video, with weekly Wednesday classes and biweekly practicum classes on Saturdays.

On the Wednesday night classes, we will thoroughly dive into a specific topic relating to mentorship and utilize our time to explore how this relates to our own process, and the mentorship of another. There will be teachings, shared examples, and Q&A with students to support practical application and a deeper understanding of how to integrate this subject matter.

Every other Saturday we will have a two-hour video interactive group session, where we will integrate the teachings and relevant topics into practical application. This will include additional teachings, exercises, breaking into small groups, and practicum workshops where you will have the chance to put the information into practice under supervision with feedback.

Each participant will also receive a 30-minute private coaching session with Nina to guide you in your personal process and address any desired areas for personal mentorship skills.

Nina Palmieri, Founder of ANEM, will be guiding us through this full-immersion Mentorship Program. The program includes a weekly homework assignment related to the topic of the week, a private forum for participants to share their personal experiences and reflections, bi-weekly student-run study groups, informational hands outs, guest teacher Nancy Coleman, and opportunities to send questions ahead of time via email that will be incorporated in the weekly teachings. Upon completion of this program, you will receive a certification for A New Earth Movement Mentorship Program during our virtual graduation ceremony on December 12th. In 2021, we plan to offer a Level 2 certification program for graduates.


  • Learn the process of self-development
  • Improve your skills as a mentor/coach and become trained to see from a higher perspective
  • Develop new skills that can enhance your current profession, as well as lead to another profession
  • Learn the necessary skills of how to guide a mentorship session, as well as how to interact with another through consciousness, awareness, and compassion
  • Learn how to create and hold a healthy container for successful mentorship
  • From this governing body of information and experience, you will gain confidence in how to be a good mentor and how to make informed decisions
  • 30-minute private coaching session
  • A change in the way you view yourself, the world and others
  • An upgraded consciousness through higher wisdom
  • Discover how the mind operates and open to greater awarenesses
  • Develop good listening skills
  • Learn how to stand with faith in the unknown through mentorship
  • A life-changing transformation and perspective (your life will change)
  • Personal transformation and a deeper immersion into the 12 Principles of ANEM
  • Certification of completion for ANEM Mentorship Program


1: Please email us a letter of intent asap, as the admission screening processes is starting August 1st. This will consist of a brief phone interview with Alix, Director of Operations here at ANEM, to discuss your desires, objectives and readiness to join the program. This full immersion curriculum has a limited number of participants in order to preserve the cohesion and intimacy of the work, and processes that are being proposed.

2: ‘Introduction to the Wisdom Teachings’ Series: This series covers the foundational teachings as well as a body of language which is relevant to ANEM mentorship program.

3: ’12 Principles & Alchemical Teachings of ANEM’ Series: This important series is a foundation for the principles of our Movement, and serves as a powerful antidote to complacency, as it holds you accountable to stand in impeccability in your role as a human being, as well as a mentor.

4: ‘Introduction to the Mentorship Program’ Series: This series covers underlying foundational topics and basic necessary teachings to prepare one’s internal landscape for the Mentorship Program.

5: The Voice of Knowledge: This book by Don Miguel Ruiz is a required read before the program begins.


Each week there will be live video calls, where you will be given access to a conference call number via email to join. The classes take place through Zoom, and there is also an option to call in with Skype for international participants.


Wednesday evenings; September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18, 25, December 2, 9, 16 at 6-7 PM PST &
Saturday mornings; September 26, October 10, 24, November 7, 21, December 5, 12 at 11-1 PM PST

Full participation is required
You will have access to the recorded audio of the sessions via Dropbox

Please note: If you are purchasing the “3 Course Prerequisite Bundle” you will need to complete that purchase first and then return to this page to purchase the Mentorship Program separately. You will also receive an email with a link directly to this page as a reminder. Thank you!

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Please only purchase the mentorship program here if you’ve already had a screening call with Alix and (1 – You’ve already taken the prerequisite courses or… 2 – You already purchased the “3 Course Prerequisite Bundle” in preparation for the Mentorship Program.) Thank you!

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