During this time of inwardness, I am very grateful to say that I live in close proximity with some of my closest friends and fellow marinheiros, in this vast ocean of experience. I feel like my home is more a sanctuary now than it ever has been, and I have to say, I am stoked.

I know that God has a plan, and I also know that I should tie up my camel, which I have done, check. This quarantine could not have come at a better time than the spring equinox! What a gift, the time of balance between the two polarities of our natural world. A time when it is most important to dwell within, to focus on what it is that you are birthing rather than what is dying, and boy does it seem like a lot is dying.

When I say tie up my camel, I mean that I have taken care of my share of the work. I don’t expect my car to fill its own gas, and I also don’t expect my fridge and pantry to fill themselves up with food, so my housemates and I have done that too, check. We have been eating nourishing and lovely food together and I feel closer to each other than ever. If I stay focused on the present moment, its fantastic! I was joking with my mom the other day that because of the quarantine my social needs are finally being met, I can stay in the sanctuary of my home and nature and focus on my breath, the sun,  the light that informs my body, and the subtle and fluctuating needs of my body, mind, and heart.

I am very much a cave dweller, I would do nothing but my practice, and my crafts if left to my own devices, and I have been mandated to do so! So, for me, I feel like I have been training my whole life for this. I am waking up earlier than I ever have to practice and feed on the rays of the rising sun, the best and most nourishing food available. It feels better than ever now because I don’t have anywhere to be at any time, I am just following nature, and in doing so my nature is flowering so beautifully.

I could think about the doom and gloom of a potential future, I have, and it really doesn’t help anyone. I am here now and I am taking advantage of this blessing to stay at home and cultivate myself. I want to birth my nectar self this spring and coming year, so that I can plant the most vital seeds come fall, and forever and ever like that, using one season to prepare for the next. Nature is giving us a major nudge to align with her! What will we do?

I am and will continue to watch her rise in all of her magnificent glory each day, listening to the ever-new song of the birds and rustling rodents in the trees around, filling my lungs and light body with the original, most complete and cleanest source of energy in physical form here on earth, the sun! My sanity before, and especially now is this morning practice and worship of the light, within and without cultivating my own energy before beginning the day, and my wonderful friends! whom I love so much, I am a cave dweller who treasures his tribe.

I/we are also watching Star Wars; I love Star Wars and I believe in the force, of course. We are Jedi and we must resist the dark side! “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering” -Yoda. So do not fear my fellow warriors of the light, we are protected in the inner sanctum of our awareness and we are so blessed to have a community of truth-wielders, and love-generators, complete with teachers of the highest integrity, discipline, clarity and firmness. I am eternally grateful for this family.

So, I say, thank you! To God, and of course the Mother of all things, including God, for this wondrously timed and perfectly orchestrated mandate to go within, during the portal of the spring equinox, providing greatly accelerated momentum in all we put our attention to at this time.

May we all be Nectorious!

Written by Ian Via