How is everyone doing out there? It is getting pretty intense and the fire is definitely turned up. I can see it in my own internal fires, and also in the external fires currently burning through California. The smoke is thick, and so is the collective fog over the minds of humanity. So how do we stay in our center during this? How do we not let other people’s viewpoints and perceptions and anger infiltrate our own being?

From receiving these trainings and teachings from Nina and ANEM, by joining in on the prayer circles with my peers, and by cultivating a deeper practice of prayer and meditation on my own I have the tools to truly calm my internal waters, and have something to rely on in the moment of a heated conversation. I recognize that there is an upheaval in society, and while the earth is rebalancing, she is also reflecting the outrage of the people who are betrayed by the system, resulting in the outburst of fires. So if we want the fires to stop, we must calm our internal inflammation and agitation.

I so badly want everyone to understand this, and yet by wanting others to see like I do, I feel this causes more separation because I am not accepting where they are at. But it is really challenging, when you know deep down the way to freedom and you want your beloveds to come with you, and also realize they have their own karmic path and mission to follow.

So I pray.
I turn on some calming music.
I meditate.
I find some flowing water to sit by.
I practice shifting into gratitude.
I get into a creative channel.
I take an epsom salt bath.
I shake my body.
And I feel my emotions fully, let them move through me, and keep going.

These times are tough, they are challenging, they are changing, yet we have signed up to be here exactly for this. We have the power to contribute to the positivity that is occurring and to build the bridge to the new earth by our creations, our thoughts, our words, our songs and our actions. We have the ability and consciousness to shake off this collective sludge and shift our attention to what is going well as long as we do not cling to our old ways of being. This is not bypassing, this is uplifting into a higher frequency.

A recent teaching from Nina and Tudor that has really stuck with me is that we can no longer participate in war consciousness on the physical plane. That we must not go out into battle, but go within to strengthen our own light and stand up and shine brighter so that the darkness can not even see us. This is the direction we are going. It starts with me doing my part and living this out; being in my prayer, shining my light, and being firm in my faith like the sunflower, with humility, grace, service and confidence as I traverse through these chaotic times.

-Leanne Falco