Introducing ‘The Voices of ANEM’ Blog 

A New Earth Movement is an extensive body of wisdom teachings that was downloaded from the Divine to be offered to the people.  This sacred body of wisdom constitutes a portal as well as an initiatory pathway where people can enter, purify, transform and rise up into a higher and truer state of being.

This journey takes courage, discipline, devotion, as well as the willingness to delve deep into oneself.  It is one where we must surrender the egoic patterns over to something greater while simultaneously allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the quest for the highest truth.

Those who have committed to this sacred journey and began to implement the offerings and teachings in all aspects of their lives, have stepped up into a new state of consciousness, only to find the pearls and wisdom of the Divine that have been buried deep beneath their conditioned programing.

As each of our core team members set out on this transformational journey, along the way they were met with many significant moments of struggle, of redemptions, of purifications and a myriad of insights that ultimately culminated into a communion with something greater, an encounter with a truer sense of self and with the embodiment of Love and inspiration.

Our core team is comprised of people who have been dedicated and vigilant on their personal path with respect to the transmissions that have come through in the name of A New Earth Movement.  Our individual voices are the expression of the blueprint of our personal sacred medicine and when joined together it becomes the voice of the collective that represents and carries the frequency of the Oneness of our divinity.

United in power, our intention is to move you, to move the world and to elevate the consciousness of humanity in the direction of A  New Earth Movement; one in which we are liberated in Love and live in proper relationship and reciprocity with ourselves and with all of Creation. Herein lies the premise of this blog, where we use our voice to express and serve as a living testimony.

With all my Love and Intent,