I hope that this message finds you happy, healthy and strong. We are in such a powerful and important time on our planet and so I desire to take this moment to share the Divine Mother’s latest message.  It is my hope to corral the people into a collective state of focused positivity in order to utilize these times for the highest good of all humanity and for our Earth Mother.  There is no more time to waste, this is the time in which we are being invited to remember, to awaken, to stand tall in our strength and embody the truest aspect of our higher self in order for us to participate in these turbulent transformations that are occurring, in the highest way possible.  For one wrong move, we can lose our center and slip into the abyss of forgetfulness.  We must align, stand up tall and lion-hearted, join forces and move in the direction of our becoming individually and collectively.

Below is the transmission from the Divine Mother that came through yesterday.  I hope you find it supportive in your awakening process and in the embodiment of the truth of who you are.  Let us spread the good news and do our part to usher in these higher frequencies and new dimensions.  This is the moment we have been waiting for.

A Cosmic Jolt to Support Our Becoming

“There is a cosmic jolt that is about to hit your planet that comes in the form of a blue star, a blue ray from the celestial realms that is intending for the purification, for the purging, for the cooling off of the flames of imbalance for the earth and for humanity.  It will be a moment to be remembered.  It will be a moment of an opportunity to remember, it is a moment for a shedding of the falseness of all of the ways that you have related to the Earth and to each other, to be set free of the shackles of oppression and of confusion.  And yet at the time where this happens, many will run in the direction of the reinforcement of the confusion and fears and in doing so, it will create even more turbulence on the planet. It will create a ripple of fear.

So this I say is of utmost importance for those who have the ears to hear and the sight to see, that you do your part to remain calm, to remain cool and centered in order to be electrified in this jolt, in the way in which it is meant to be utilized, to let it become a sacred purification of your heart and of your mind and a cleansing of the oppressive layers of illusionary confusion that has plagued you and kept you enslaved to this lower dimension.  It is time where this planet and this collective consciousness takes the opportunity to ascend to the higher dimension.

And there will be a split between those who want to stay in the lower vibration and those who really want to soar to the higher frequencies.  And it will be a moment of free will, it will be an important moment that is executed as a result of the turbulence that is coming. So this is a warning and this is also a great and sacred message for those who are ready to take that leap into the unknown and into the higher dimensions into what it is that they remember deep in their soul.

There are important and necessary actions to be taken in order to be fortified in the truth of your own existence.  Please my dear ones, as the heat is rising, remember to drink of the sacred waters, remember to cool off the flame, remember to bring tranquility and calmness into your inner self so that you are not affected or oppressed by the oppositional forces that try to keep you from the truth and that work to pull and persuade you into the lower paradigm, into the lower frequencies, into the dimension that you are really desiring to be set free from.

It is time to join with the higher collective forces of your intent and prayer and to remember to not leave your inner self; the inner self I speak of is the state where you commune with the Greater Source of my Love in order to allow the floodgates to open to the celestial realms of the sacred waters, of the rivers, of my purification, of the entry point into your own divinity.

Remember to look up outside of what appears to be happening and look in a greater symbolic and metaphoric understanding so that you do not get so caught in thinking and feeling how personal or how painful everything is or could be. Yet allow yourself to be lifted up into higher inspiration and know that as you do your part, you will contribute in the co-creation of the higher level of consciousness and ascension for each other and this is the way in which you can expedite the rising of consciousness for humanity and for yourself.”

Message from the Divine Mother, 09.01.2020, as received by Nina