The wheels keep turning in your mind. You are invited to slow them down, to in fact turn backwards, to un-wind, to see the wheels go in the opposite direction so that you can get into a neutral position, to align yourself with this force that has always been here and that radiates within you… that has been blocked by the doing, by the going, by the pushing, by the fighting, by the thinking, by the trying to resolve all the problems.

Allow yourself to unravel the wheels of your mind in the opposite direction. Not in the way that you think, but in a way where you can unwind and neutralize and come into a different stance, a position of stillness. A position of calmness, a position of receptivity.

For you have yet to attain this position where the floodgates shall open, where the fireworks shall be set off by this neutral position of the mind, where infinite understanding can be found, of a delight in the knowingness, of the oneness of you and all of Creation.  For now, it has only been a concept because of all of the doing, because you have been operating through the mind. Let everything go from breath to breath, moment to moment, and step back into this neutral position where your heart has the chance to open, where the Love has the potential to ooze out of you like the sweetness of the spirit of this rose that lives within you.

Yes it is all around you, yes it is My apparitions, but this is you at your soul’s essence; this force, this presence, this sweetness. You are pure and holy at the core. Continue to dissolve into this knowing, letting go and not trying to interpret.

In the chambers of your heart there is a force that is desiring to be let out of the cage. It is the answer to all of your problems, it is the answer to all of your questions. It is the answer from moment to moment. When you find yourself pondering, inquiring, trying to figure something out, go here and allow the love to come out and see the wisdom that is accompanied through this action. See the understanding that goes higher, that lifts you into higher domains, into the greater understanding of Love, of Divinity, of the beauty way.  Take this moment to be showered by this heavenly grace and remember that it is always with you. At any time you can slow down, stop in your tracks, move back into that neutral position and allow the infinite fireworks to be set off- where Divine understanding resides.

Remember that you are not alone. Remember that this gift that I speak of is within everyone. And when you look out of your eyes, work to see through this understanding and to see through these greater eyes, through the chamber of the heart that I speak of.  And in doing so, the form will dissolve right before you and You will recognize the truth beyond the form and the oneness of all of Creation. This takes courage, awareness and love.

Take this moment in your meditation and look into the mirror to see yourself through these eyes that I speak of, through the spectrum of the rainbow, of acceptance of all that is.  It is time to acknowledge your beauty, all the colors of the rainbow, all of the spectrums of your being-ness, of your conditioning, of all that you bring to this world.  And if you find yourself interpreting, step back into that neutral position and see through the chambers of the heart. Allow the fountain of love to pour forth to see yourself through the eyes of love and acceptance. And in doing so, allow yourself to see what happens. Take witness, take notice, to the ways in which everything changes. You might have a glimpse of where the old pattern came from, of what is obstructing this love. Take this opportunity to see it with love, to recognize that it has no power over you. That it has been a mask, that it has been the thing that has tried to stop you from all that you are. Pour and radiate Love forward and watch it dissolve, and watch yourself be lifted up into greater understanding, into a greatness of your soul and your spirit. See how love changes everything.

Walk in peace during these times beloved ones, this is of utmost important.  Do what it takes to find inner peace, to walk slowly, to breathe deeply, to act with kindness, to operate in peace. And in doing so you will make a difference and you will know how to navigate through these times that are of challenge to humanity. Go in peace and remember that you are Love.

Received through Nina Palmieri during ANEM’s Rosary Circle
October 30th, 2022


***This message from the Divine Mother comes at a most pertinent time on our planet. Through this transmission, we are invited to do our work, and to be a part of the great change in the spirit of peace that She so graciously is asking us to embody.

It has been quite a long time since we have offered our Divine Mother tele-class filled with messages and powerful transmissions. However, Her messages have been strong and desiring to come through to reach more people. To heed Her call, our next Divine Mother tele-class will be on December 12th, in honor of Guadalupe Day “Our Lady of Peace”. You can sign up for that here.