In this new day and age, it has become a very popular statement that we need to learn how to love ourselves. And although that sounds like a great concept to many, it still remains to be determined; what does it really mean to love ourselves?

First and foremost, it is important for us to consider all of the ways in which we have been taught how to not love ourselves. Our lack of self love should come as no big surprise when we begin to recognize that individually, as well as a collectively, we have been programmed by our culture, family beliefs and environment to feel this way. There are a myriad of ways that teach and reinforce this conditioning, while simultaneously, we learn to seek for love in outside experiences, external accomplishments, as well as look for love in others.

Somewhere within this illusionary conditioning, we begin to believe that we are not worthy of love. We become defiant, self absorbed and far removed from the sense of our true essence and lack the proper tools to discover how to love ourselves. This leads to a sense of loss, a dissatisfaction and emptiness that can set us out on a trajectory to try to understand why we suffer, becoming a great impetus to figure out what is the thing that is missing in our lives that can give us some sense of feeling complete and whole.

From this perspective we could see why it has become a very popular and endearing notion to say that we need to learn how to love ourselves first before we can love another and/or before we can really be happy. This cliché statement is one in which we hear over and over again, especially from those that are seeking to have a more harmonious and balanced way of living.

Often times, after we become aware of the ways we have been programmed to not love ourselves, we begin to try to make some positive changes. Our first steps may be to begin to take better care of ourselves; like take a bath, make a change in your job or relationship, or even to treat ourselves to something that would bring us joy.  Maybe we start to eat healthier so that our bodies can thrive and be more readily nourished.  Perhaps it begins when we finally are able to say ‘no thank you’ to the things that we know hurt us and begin to cultivate more self respect as a result.

These are beautiful examples of actions of self care that can begin to cultivate a feeling of empowerment, and a sense of the potential of self love. However, the question still remains, what does it really mean to love ourselves, what will it take to have a deep embodiment of self love?

All of our focus and attention has been on the outside circumstances of life where we have learned to neglect and abandon ourselves and consequently become absent in our inner world, feeling separate from our truest self.  We have become malnourished and depleted of our own love while so desperately in search of finding love elsewhere to fill us up when in actuality, we have been waiting for ourselves. We are in need of a deep dive inward with all of our loving attention and presence in order to restore ourselves back to life, and in essence, to fuel our selves with the Love that we truly are.

The key to enter into the embodiment of self love is a transference of energy from the external to the internal. To enliven ourselves with our own presence and bear witness to our true selves as we emerge and flourish. And in doing so, we will reclaim our power, discover how beautiful we are and expand in leaps and bounds. 

The fragrance of this internal escalation of love is as pure and magnificent as the essence of the red rose. Our true aromatic and pure essence is so beautiful, so powerful and strong. It is here where we no longer believe that we are small, and discover that we are infinite Love, where we have access to all of the answers to life’s quandaries right there within this communion of Love that we are. In this sacred encounter with the love of self, our world will be forever changed as we realize there is no longer any need. It is here where we can offer others an opportunity to see themselves clearly also, and be inspired to return back home unto themselves.

We do not have to travel long distances to discover the love that we are. It is simply a shift in our attention, a transference of energy from the outside world to the inner, where we shall discover that we are whole and complete, full and dignified Divine Love. Then, and only then, shall we overfloweth with the Truth and Love that shall part the seas of illusions into the remembrance that the kingdom of Love is within. 

Take a deep and quiet breath and begin to shift your attention inward. Feel your focused presence magnify your essence, and surrender into your expansive sweetness. As you shift your attention and transfer your presence to the internal landscape, feel yourself blossom and expand. It is here where you shall come home to your true existence that is so nourishing and satiates any past desire to seek for anything other than You. Bask in the aroma of your sweet Divine love, as you come home to remember who you are.  This is the portal home into self love. Welcome Home.