Good Day to All of My Relations,

Today is a special day, a sacred moment when the veil is the most thin, where we have readily access to the other realms and where our ancestors and spiritual helpers reside. In the stillness we can sense it, the stirring of the forces beyond the veil. And particularly in this moment in time, we can recognize that today, we are at a time where both the darkness and light have become accentuated, where the forces of evil are working hard to fight and maintain the dark. It is in this opening where the veil is thin, where the dance beyond form is accessible, where we have the great opportunity to utilize this moment for the acceleration of the victory of the light.

As we learn how to expand our consciousness and recognize that our walk here on Earth is ever so temporary, we come to know that we are spiritual beings, with a soul, and with purpose.  We come to find that there are things that hinder access to the deepest parts of our being, to the true love that resides within.  Especially now in this moment of time where the duality consciousness has risen and has clouded our inner sanctuary.  Many have fallen prey to fear, greed and further division as these times have instigated and enhanced our inner demons.  Deep down within there is a yearning to know and embody the truth and align with universal law to share our goodness and connection with all of our relations.

We have a choice to make at this time to dive into this portal and align with the forces of good in order to overcome the corruption of evil. And this war begins within ourselves, where we must do our part to evaluate what it is that is plaguing us.  What is the temptation, what is the pattern that is dampening our truth or distorting the good.  These patterns go way back, some are ancestral trans-generational patterns that have been passed down to us.  And today they have the opportunity to be purified and liberated.  It is an opportune moment to look within ourselves to acknowledge and do our part to say no more, to call on our ancestors, and spiritual guides that work for the light to intercede and abolish the dark temptations and patterns once and for all.

For in this opening, in the universe, in mother nature, we see there is a great opportunity to align and utilize the forces of God for the good of all of creation, for as above so below.  It takes courage, discernment and willingness to do the right thing with this power, to step through the veil, align with the forces of light and eradicate the obstacles that have worked so hard to prevent us from this victorious illumination.  This is the moment and there has never been a more important time to claim this truth, and to stand strong in this light against the adversity.  Our allies in the invisible who are working for the light are ready and available.

Let us courageously walk through this portal, this great opportune opening with humility, and be willing to let go of what no longer serves in order to liberate our suffering within our ancestral line that has plagued the authenticity of our truest nature.  And as we do so, we shall stand up, and celebrate all that is true, to salute the other side, our sacred family with love and make this bridge with our ancestors where we have the opportunity to bring heaven to earth in a time that it is so needed.

Let us stand strong in this intent, to rise up and utilize the spiritual forces of light for the good of ourselves and all of creation and to make this time in history count as we rise up and unify in the victory of the light.

With all my love,