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Messages from the Divine Mother

  • In tonight’s message from the Divine Mother, She brings attention to the escalation of the division of the world and the importance for us to tap into the medicine of the heart. We were brought on a journey to go underneath the despair from the illusion of our separation and to bring love to resuscitate the truth of who we are.

    1 class, 1-hour long.
  • This series is for those of us who have a desire to deepen our connection to the Divine Mother as well as with ourselves. Nina guides us through a powerful process of connecting to the Mother through guided meditations that expand our receptivity and deepen our relationship with Her. As we come together in earnest seeking to open deeper to Her love and grace we are guided into communion and learn how to bridge Her Presence into our daily lives. Through this series, Nina shares some of the Mother’s sacred messages to assist and support our personal and collective evolution. 4 class recordings, each one-hour long.
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