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04. Vedic Astrology Reading & Follow Up Transit Reading

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A Vedic Astrology Reading to help you understand yourself & your life path, with a follow up Transit Reading for whenever you are ready to dive deeper into the current lessons playing out in your life.

The Personal Life Reading is a 75 minute session which provides an interpretation of the planetary placements at the time of your birth, and how this affects you. We will work to better understand the themes in your life, the timing of certain shifts, how to be with your strengths and difficulties, as well as answer any specific questions you may have.

The Transit Reading is a 60 minute follow up session that speaks directly to what is influencing you in present time, as we take a look at the current placement of the planets and how they are affecting you. This reading is done after having a personal life reading, whenever you feel it necessary to dive deeper into what is happening in your life, to understand why and how to best work with it.

Both sessions take place over Zoom Audio.

**There is an option to exchange these readings for a Relationship Reading instead if you choose!!**

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Alix Claman became a fully committed student of Nina Palmieri in 2013. Since the birth of A New Earth Movement in 2015, she has served as Director of Operations for ANEM.

Alix is also a Vedic Astrologer, and is a level III, M.A, graduate from the American Academy of Vedic Art & Science, founded by Sam Geppi. Through the Vedic Astrological lens, she works with the intention to bring us closer into alignment with our purest potential and innate gifts, while also shining light on the shadows and karmic patterns that can keep us stuck, or block our path to personal awakening.

Alix also holds a B.A from CCSU in New Britain, CT & is an accredited Mentor through ANEM Advanced Mentorship Program.

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