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06. ‘The Truer You’ with Ian Via

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This offering brings together a combination of all the things Ian has been passionate about throughout his life. Awareness and Mentorship, Ayurveda, Yogic Techniques, and aligning to nature will all be included in this offering. It will be done within a moon cycle and will align to her phases. Aligning to nature helps us to align to our own nature. This offering will begin with a Zoom Video session incorporating both Mentorship and Ayurveda, and then a second session which will include 1 pranayama and asana class, and a third and final session which will be determined following our introductory sessions.

During our first call together, you will be given the opportunity to have new eyes on what is happening in your life, both within you and around you. Being able to see gives us clarity, peace, and the ability to influence our life and health for the better. The follow up pranayama & asana class will be focused on the breath, and different keys to help you develop a relationship to how the prana moves within your body.

This offering is for all levels of experience, and includes 3 sessions, one hour each.

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Ian Via has been a part of A New Earth Movement since its inception, is a longtime apprentice of Nina Palmieri and a graduate of ANEM’s Advanced Mentorship Program. He is a regular attendant at the Annual Teotihuacán Power Journey, the place where human becomes God. He is an ardent devotee of the Mother of Creation and has a beautiful ability to listen and reflect love. Ian has also been practicing yoga for 15 years, and has used this beautiful science both as a tool for healing traumatic injuries and developing awareness.

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