Each of our Legacy of Intent packages have been created as a collection of power objets to awaken a specific intent and frequency in your life. We pray that they open you to new dimensions of connection and bring activation to your path on this sacred Beauty Way.

This package is intended to support you and bless you on your sacred path, Sage to clear the way and Sweetgrass to bring all good things to you. This package includes a medicine bag with the depiction of the Zuni Sun, an Eagle Warrior Lighter Case from the sacred land of Teotihuacan (can be used as keychain), and a full size Navajo blanket.

Package includes:

– Black Navajo Fleece Blanket

– Grandfather Sun Medicine Bag

– Sacred Sage Bundle (Ethical & Sustainable)

– Sweet Grass Braid (Ethical & Sustainable)

– Sacred Teo Being Lighter Case & Keychain

**Shipping Costs Included**