Grandmother Moon,
Teach me to make peace with the depths of my heart,
And the waves that move from center to circumference

Our Queen, light giver & keeper of my Soul
You Who brings Graces,
Teach me of the One Heart,
And to re-tie the strings
Of light between my own
And the One of our Creator

Bring the Light, truth and clarity
That will help to untie all of knots of our Karmas
Those pathways of thought, feeling and deed
That lead us astray
From the knowing of ourselves as You

Grant us the sight, the wisdom & purity
To open new pathways, of light and of truth
That we may be molded
And recreated In your image,
Renewed In the spirit of Life

Grace us with the warmth and fragrance
Of your pink glow

And may we people of this Earth
Breath it in to the depths of our cores
And begin to radiate
From center to circumference
With this Holy Love
That we may weave a new web
With the will of Life
And restore the songs of this sacred creation

I bow to the wind
To your presence, mysterious & wise
Thank you for meeting me in this moment
In this great dance of life
In this prayer of heart

I send this out upon the spirit of the wind
To the four directions, above and below
And to your heart, Mother,
And upon the wind to thy same heart
That dwells within all things
Help us to remember our place within the One


Monika Szrek