The other day I was called to make some offerings to running bodies of water around where I live, and heard to bring three roses and the drum. I called a sister asked her if she wanted to come and she said yes. I had an idea where to go but also allowed Spirit to guide me. We pulled up to one spot where there were giant signs that said “BEWARE” and “KEEP OUT” all around, yet the land was so peaceful and inviting and we received a “Yes” to make the offerings there.

When we walked over to the river, we were brought into quietude, and greeted by multiple butterflies and bees and we felt ourselves downshift into a peaceful state. My friend heard that we had a window of time to be there and so we started our offerings. We each gave a rose to the water and I sang and played the drum. I was in this moment of deep communion with the water and you could see the consciousness of the water was so happy to receive these blessings, and then I heard some people shouting in the distance and went into a moment of fear, a moment of flight and wanted to run back to the car.

I witnessed this with tenderness and compassion for myself, because what it brought up is that it wasn’t safe for me to be there making these offerings because people may think I was crazy (since this is a river most people float down drinking beer) and that if someone saw what I was doing they would question my sanity and try to chase me down or something. A primal fear from the past lives when women were hunted for doing magical things.

We decided to move along, and still had one rose left. We found a little pull out spot that looked like no one was there, but then we saw a women in a van and I was a little hesitant but felt safe to continue with the prayer. We started talking to the women and her daughter and son and I realized the third rose was for the girl; her name was Faith. The women was so accepting of us being there and showed us this secret path where she likes to go.

As we went by the river, we noticed there was a dragonfly on a piece of grass but its wings were all crunched so it couldn’t fly. My friend placed the dragonfly on my finger and my heart just opened up so wide and I felt a moment of pure magic and love bursting from my energy field. I felt deeply accepted by the land and the water and was able to share that feeling with them.

Faith was so excited to receive the rose, and she went to her brother to show him. He was playing with one of those race cars that you can drive with the remote and the car zips around your feet, and she put the rose in the car like a flag. So then there was the rose zipping around in the race car and I couldn’t help but laugh at the joy and playfulness that the Mother brought to this beautiful moment. There was such deep communion and simultaneously humor and joy which we could all use more of these days.

The Mother is craving for us to give back to her, and when we do the veil of this suffering is lifted and reciprocity is truly restored, giving a blessing and receiving a heart opening moment.

-Leanne Falco