Join Sari Fleischer, core member of ANEM from its inception and passionate devotee of the Legacy of Peace, as she shares her path towards an intimate relationship with the Divine Mother. Sari takes us on a journey into the mystery of the Divine Mother as she shares how her direct and intimate experience with the Mother came to be and developed outside of the confines of organized religion, and was enhanced through her journey with ANEM and the Legacy of Peace. Sari shares how the sacred ritual of the Rosary has become a powerful portal for experiencing a direct communion with our Holy Mother. 

Following this, Sari offers a universal Rosary in gratitude to our Holy Divine Cosmic Mother to guide us into a state of receptivity, peace, and communion with Her. This universal Rosary will provide an opportunity for us to quiet the mind, open our hearts, and join together under the tutelage of our Holy Divine Mother in a powerful ritual of unified intent.

You may find it helpful to have a Rosary or mala beads handy to follow along with the prayers.