Monika is a core member of ANEM since its inception and long time apprentice of ANEM’s Legacy of Intent and Legacy of Awareness wisdom teachings. Through her committed application to these teachings as a whole, she has grown into a gift of working with herbal medicines in tandem with the power of prayer for healing and the evolution of consciousness. 

In this offering Monika guides us on a journey to access our light and intent for the coming New Year, and how to utilize this spark of inspiration to create an artful power object. We explore the purpose and potential of working with our intent in a creative heartfelt expression and how this can deeply impact our lives. A power object is something that embodies a prayerful intent; it is the intent made manifest. We learn how to alchemize our intent and prayer into something tangible, actualizing our own potential energy to assist us in our transformation. 

Regardless of what your passionate outlet may be, even if you don’t know what it is, this offering helps to empower your creative process and provides some ingredients to support you in a healthy and empowering integration of your desires and intent for the coming year. Let us seize the power of our creative potential and manifest the change we wish to see, for ourselves and for the good of the whole!